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Friday, September 16, 2011

OPI DS Exclusive

I received this one as a gift from a dear person and I am in love with it.  Well, it's a holo, of COURSE I am in love with it! One of the original OPI Designer Series polishes, it's quite hard to find, so I was thrilled.

It's a great violet/purple/magenta color that looks like a rich mulberry indoors (how's that for pinning it down?  LOL!) with a medium linear holo.  Definitely not Nfu-Oh linear, but still better than a plain scattered holo, as if any holo could be called "plain."  It went on perfectly, as have all of the OPI DS polishes I've tried so far.

See for yourself what a beauty she is!

OPI DS Exclusive in natural light
OPI DS Exclusive in natural light
OPI DS Exclusive in artificial light
OPI DS Exclusive close-up
I've found that these polishes take 2 coats, sometimes 3, but I can get away with one coat by layering over a similarly toned polish - the coverage is fantastic and I save polish, especially when I don't have a back-up!

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  1. Oh wow that is absolutely amazing. Looks so eyecatching on your lovely long nails as well. Where did your friend get it?! I need to get my little mitts on it!


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