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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro - Posh Pink, Marine Blue, Hot Cocoa and Stiletto Red

Still loving on the Rimmel Londons.  These 4 all had fantastic formulas and went on like a dream, as usual. I may have already mentioned, but I LOVE their wide brush - it's angled perfectly for smooth application.  These photos are all pre-cleanup.  As you can see, I had very little cleaning up to do.  Which is a definite plus for me.  Something else I may have mentioned...I'm LAZY! =)

First up - Posh Pink.  This is a POP of neon pink and I captured it the best I could. My photography skills leave quite a bit to be desired, but I intend to get out the booklet that came with the camera and actually read it.  One of these days.

Rimmel Posh Pink

Rimmel Posh Pink

Marine Blue is a shimmery teal -  more on the blue side than the green.

Rimmel Marine Blue

Stiletto Red is a perfect blue-based red creme. No fancy sparkles or shimmers, just a lovely, perfect red creme with great application.  And as you all know, reds are a pain to clean up.  As you can see here, pre-cleanup, I had very little to do.

Rimmel Stiletto Red

Hot Cocoa is aptly named.  If I had to chose another word to describe it, I'd say it's a toffee color. It's also a great creme with no sparkle or shimmer.

Rimmel Hot Cocoa

I still have a few more colors to review in the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro line that I'll get to this week, providing Tropical Storm Don doesn't do anything funky in the next day and a half.

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