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Monday, July 25, 2011

And I Said it Wouldn't Happen...

Me?   Talk about nail polish on a blog? When so many FANTASTIC nail polish blogs already exist? (In my best British accent) Not bloody likely.


Here I am.  Not sure what I have to contribute regarding nail polish that will differ greatly from the other ones out there, though I can pretty much guarantee my photos won't be as good, but you just never know until you put it out there. I mean really, I subscribe to multiple nail blogs, so who's to say that mine won't have something a little different, too?

I've never had a professional manicure - mainly because I hate to have my nails filed and I can polish them as well, or better, than anyone else can. But I know what I like.  That's what I will share with you here.

First up - a preview. I am in LOVE with holographic polishes. Can't get enough of them! And since there really aren't enough of them out there, I am looking into making some of my own. I'll let you know if/when I can make that happen.

Here's what I'm wearing today:  Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Mystical Mandarin

Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Mystical Mandarin

Thanks for checking out my first nail polish-related post! Stay tuned for more about polishes AND some of the regular old random stuff I like to discuss.

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