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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chanel Graphite

This was quite intriguing in the bottle.  Interesting enough in a quick swatch at the Chanel counter to make the purchase.  And initially a little disappointing in a full mani, mainly because it was already dark when I first applied it and I wasn't getting the full-on effect of it in the unnatural lighting of my living room.  I still liked it, but was just confused that something I thought would be an actual graphite color, oh I don't know, maybe because of the NAME? was giving me golds and even flashes of greens.

Chanel Graphite

Even in the bottle, I was finally able to get a photo of what I tried to put my finger on...

Chanel Graphite

And then I went outside the next day and BAM!!!!! The full on graphite color that I had been expecting when I bought it hit me right in the face!!!

Chanel Graphite Full Sun

Chanel Graphite Sunlight/partial shade

So after having it on for a full day in all the various changes in lighting and realizing it's more of a duo- or multi-chrome in its grey, steely, graphite, greenish gold goodness, I was in LOVE.

And of course the application was a dream, which I've come to expect with most Chanel polishes.

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