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Friday, July 29, 2011

LCN Magnetic Nail Polish

Well, I have to admit I was really excited about this magnetic nail polish when I heard about it, so naturally I had to give it a go.  I ordered the "star" magnet and 2 of the polishes from LCN, which arrived yesterday.  The shipping was fast, which is always a plus, and FREE shipping!  But the price of the product is a bit off-putting.  Each polish is $9.90, but they're only 8ml (while the "normal" size for most polish is 15ml) and the magnets are $19.90 each. Also, there were no instructions included in the package. That's not a huge deal as you can get instructions on-line, but just seemed a little odd to me, especially given that it's more than a little tricky to use.

Here are some tips:

1. You definitely need a base color first - NOT the same color though or you won't see the contrast.  It needs to be a much lighter color.  I suppose you could do it without a base if your nails are white.  Mine, however, are yellow.  Not attractive at all.  And it is pretty much bare nail (or light base coat) that forms the star as the magnet moves all the polish everywhere BUT the star shape. You certainly don't have time to use more than one coat of the magnetic polish, which is a little on the thin side already.

2.  Do one nail at a time.  The polish must be very wet to work at all.

3.  Steady the hand that's holding the magnet or you WILL get it in the polish.  If you do, do NOT use acetone remover to "clean" the polish off of the magnet or it won't work.  Just wipe with a wet cloth real quick (or use non-acetone remover, which I didn't have on hand.)

4.  Put the polish on as quickly (and as thick) as possible and get straight to the magnet. Hold it as close to, but not touching, the polish as possible. 14 seconds seemed to be the magic number for me.

5.  Don't be discouraged if you have to re-do several nails on your first go at it.  Which is rather a pain, since that means re-doing the base color too.

With all of that said, I'm going to show you my first attempts.  As you will see, it's going to take some practice as these are not very good.  I am not giving up just yet, though.  I'll give it a few more shots and only time will tell if I end up thinking it's worth it.  Basically, I guess I am saying that the jury is still out on that.

LCN Magnetic Moments

I tried Magnetic Moments first, which is a metallic looking slate grey...nothing really worked out except the thumb nail, but I admit I was impatient and gave up pretty quickly and moved on to Fuchsia Attraction.

LCN Fuchsia Attraction

As you can see, I was starting to improve, but some of the stars are off-center and some are more clear than others.  The Fuchsia Attraction is a really pretty metallic looking berry-mauve color.

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