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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Women Want

It's NOT that difficult, guys.  Really.

Now notice I didn't say anything about understanding us.  We all know that's impossible.

But I can tell you what we want.  It's very simple.

We want to know where we stand.  We don't want to know what you THINK we want to hear.  We just want the truth.  Until we get it, we are immobilized.  Or worse, we act or react on incorrect information.

That's all.

Good or bad, as long as we know where we stand, we're good.  We're strong.  We can handle just about anything EXCEPT uncertainty.

I said it was simple, but apparently the application of it is complicated because even roofers can't do it!  Seriously, I don't have a hole in my roof or water pouring in, so when you actually do it matters less than what you TELL me.  If it's going to be next week, fine. But if you tell me "tomorrow" and I rearrange my entire schedule only to hear "tomorrow" 6 more times, I'm gonna be pissed.  NOT that it's happening next week, that you've made me waste an entire week waiting!  If I know it's next week, I can get a lot done between now and then. Really.  I can be very industrious.

Same thing goes for relationships.  If you're not taking me to dinner tonight, I'm okay with that.  But if you tell me you are and then don't, not only am I pissed, I'm HUNGRY and pissed.  Because, you know, I didn't EAT all day.  And if you want to make us more angry?  Act indignant and insinuate we are mad because we are princesses - because you didn't take us out.  Um, NO!  That's not why we're mad.  We're mad because we don't know where we stand.

If you're not really that into me, just man up and tell me.  Women aren't really that fragile.  We can handle it.  But don't make me waste my time.

Thankfully my man finally gets it.  After a LOT of years.

You're welcome.



  1. You need to print this out in mass quantities and send it to every man ever born.

  2. Lol, so awesome and so true. However, in their defense we cut them too much slack. I'm all about forgiving but when a man shows he doesn't care, it says a lot. I don't threaten, but I communicate, and there are consequences. Nor will I bend over backward to keep giving him chances. Just like a roofer, want my business get it together, if not I'll go elsewhere. There is too many out there to settle for someone who can't respect you.

  3. Always true. But presents dont hurt. :]


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