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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beach Time!

Hi errbody!  It's Twinkie again.  I'm a happy dawg! Mommy took us to the beach today and we had a really good time!

We smelled all sorts of new smells and some were really awesome! I could tell Mommy thought so too because she made weird faces when it was really good. I did a good job and I know 'cause Mommy told me so a bunch of times. I was in charge of Murphy. I love Murphy but he's not very smart.  I'm really smart so I hafta make sure he does what Mommy says. She tells him but he doesn't listen.  She's trying something new called a clicker, but I don't think he understands her. So I show him where to go. That's my job 'cause I'm a herder and I'm really good at it!

Mommy took pictures and I'm gonna show you what we did (but I'm not showing you the ones of her thumb 'cause she'd be mad.)

This is Murphy on the way to our adventure.  He looks happy but I think it's 'cause he farted.

The first thing we did was run and jump in the water!  It was so much fun! I swam all over, but Murphy only stood up to his belly. But that's okay. I'll teach him to swim next time.

And then it was time to go home. Herding Murphy wasn't too hard because I'm such a gooddog. He was going the wrong way, but Mommy told me to go get him, so I did and then I raced him back. I'm a lot faster than he is.  I'm faster than anything! See how big we're smiling???

Mommy said we made a big mess in the car and she wishes she hadn't sold the Navigator, but I don't think she minded too bad. And we smell so GOOD now! But I bet she gives us a bath and takes all the good smells away. I think Mommy's smeller is broken.

I love Spring!


  1. Awww this post is so sweet! ♥

  2. I love this post! I almost took my dog to the beach today. It's hard to believe it is already in the 80s and only March!

  3. Brilliant post!!
    And get your smeller fixed will ya?!


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