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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dog Days of Summer can't be far behind!

Murphy, the golden-mix, couldn't care less what season it is.  He's a lump.  A big, goofy, lovable doofus of a lump. Cold, hot - it's all the same to him. As long as no one makes him chase anything silly like a tennis ball or a frisbee, he's happy. IQ normal, activity level -2.  He's my "brother."

My name is Twinkie and I'm an Australian Cattle Dog. I'm very VERY smart!  Mommy tells me so all the time.  She tells me that I might have escaped from a Dean Koontz research lab?  I don't know who that is and I don't remember it, but I think Mommy's convinced. I'm THRILLED to see Spring!  Not because I couldn't have just as much fun in winter as in any other season.  No, it's because that's when Mommy stops being such a lump.

All winter I've been dreaming chasing the frisbee or a tennis ball, biting at and frolicking in the water, going to the beach or for a ride on the boat, playing with any dog that will run or wrestle. I really love to play.  I could play and play all day.

Mommy takes pictures of Murphy, too, but they're all the same.  He's ALWAYS taking a nap in them.  That's all he does! He's still a lot younger and kind of a teenager sometimes, but I love him.  Even if he doesn't do all the fun stuff like I do. Mommy takes LOTS of photos of me, but half the time, she gets her thumb.  She says she's going to take some photography classes or at the least, read the manual that came with her "fool-proof" camera.  So far, she only uses the auto setting.

Here are some fun pictures of me doing fun stuff!

Attack of the Dihydrogen Monoxide Monster!

At the ranch...

I see another doggie!!

I love summer.

I wanna go swim with the dolphins!

Fine.  I'll just play by myself.

Quit throwin' it in the TREE, Mommy!

Can't. Quite. Reachhhhhhhh.


Don't worry, I got this one.

Oops, the sun was in my eyes.


Finally sacked out.  

Mommy notes:  The Twinkster sacked out, as you can see, so I'll finish up for her.

Spring is the only time in South Texas being outside is even remotely tolerable.  Can hardly WAIT to move somewhere we can actually enjoy going outside.  It'll be nice to take walks with the dogs and just DO something other than stay indoors being a couch potato - or being glued to a computer monitor.


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  1. Hahaha with all the activity I got real tired... So much fun!!!


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