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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in a name?

What's in a name? Heck, I barely know what a blog is. How the heck should I know?

So I'm calling this the Pointless Cafe. Why? No real reason. I'm not one of those intellectual types who agonizes over the name of a blog. Obviously. So what's the deep meaning behind the name "Pointless Cafe?" There isn't one. The blog will basically be pointless. And I love coffee, hence Pointless Cafe. If someone wants to manufacture some deep, philosophical meaning for it, send it to me!

I'm trying "the twitter" and "the facebook." I'm not very good at it. No one wants to "follow" me because, well, I'm kinda boring. Yes, I said it. But every now and then I do have something to say or a great photo to share and when I see it's had "2 views" it makes me sad. But in fairness, I can't really expect people to wade through most of the pointless stuff and dig out the rare gem, now can I?

So from now on, my musings will be here. Good or bad. Boring or interesting. They won't be lost in a flurry of new tweets. They'll be right here. You know, in case anyone ever does want to read them.

So pour yourself a cuppa joe...


  1. You are anything but boring my dear.

  2. I have to say I always wondered why your blog was named Pointless Cafe.. and now I know, lol ;)


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