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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where's the love?

Where IS the love for St. Patrick's Day?  No really - I want to know!

Go into any store the day after Valentine's Day and see what they are putting up.  Is it St. Patrick's Day stuff?  Nope.  It's Easter stuff.  Now I have nothing against Easter, believe me.  But, um...didn't ya miss one?

Just think about it for a minute.  It's really a great holiday. It's a happy day.  There's nothing to spend a bunch of money one is disappointed because they didn't get the right thing or their man wasn't thoughtful enough.  No one counts up how much money is spent on each other.  No getting candy when you expected diamonds.

Just throw on some green before you walk out the door and smile.  Maybe even put on a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" button and if you're feeling really in the spirit, throw back a couple of green beers with your buddies.

I don't get it!


It's not commercialized!  There really isn't much to buy.  Think that's why the retailers ignore it?

*Head Smack*


  1. I work at Old Navy. We have some St. Patrick's Day gear but it really is one of the lesser commercialized holidays. This could be a good thing. Look at what they did to Christmas. XD

  2. I got my first cell phone on St. Patricks day so thats what it reminds me of. Im of irish decent and my grandpa always insisted on having corned beef and cabbage for dinner but thats abotu as celebratory as we get considering none of us like beer lol.

  3. It's one of my favorite holidays for just that reason!
    I love to cook & bake and that's basically what I do.
    Boiled corned beef in Killian's Irish Red with red potatoes & carrots (we don't really like cabbage), beer bread, and a green mint cheese cake with dark chocolate on top. Then my husband and I build a bonfire (still a little cold in MI this year so I don't know)and listen to Flogging Molly while drinking. It's a very relaxing holiday and I hope that you enjoy yours!


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