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Sunday, January 18, 2015

DIFFERENT dimension: Valentine's Day Collection 2015 - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Well I can't say that I'm looking forward to it, but you can't deny it's just around the corner! And DIFFERENT dimension has a great quad-collection to help you get your nails VDay ready.

DIFFERENT dimension
Valentine's Day Collection 2015

So I bet you can guess right off what my favorite is going to be but I bet I surprise you with my number two!!!

Let's see.

Continued after the jump...

So we will start with my favorite because, well because I want to!

Eros - this is a red jelly/crelly polish absolutely packed with the perfect amount of glowy shimmers. "Lit from within" was invented for this one. No issues at all with formula or application. I used 3 light coats of this one with one coat of top coat for the photos.

Eros was the god of love and sexual desire. Which is appropriate because this is HOT!

Artificial lighting...


And I can't resist matting  glowy shiny sparkly stuff and THIS IS WHY!


Pothos is a silver-plated flakie polish with added shimmers that show up in blue and violet. It's like flakie madness! Bling-a-licious. This one leaves "glitter-bombs" in the dust. I wish I would have had some real sun! I used 2 coats of this one with one coat of top coat. Because it is a clear-based flakie you will have a bit of the  BTS - "balding tip syndrome" going on but you can always layer it over a silver polish if that worries you. No issues at all with formula or application and everything came out of the bottle nicely and spread evenly on the nail.

Pothos was the god of sexual longing, yearning and desire.

Artificial lighting...



Anteros - this one is a light pink holographic micro-glitter bomb, full coverage. It's also a pretty good "texture polish" if you wear it without top coat. No issues with formula or application but there was slight BTS because it's a clear-based micro-glitter bomb.. I used 3 light coats with one coat of top coat for the first few - without top coat for the second few and I even matted it at the end.

Anteros was the god of unrequited love.

Artificial lighting...

Without top coat - artificial lighting

Without top coat - shade

With top coat - shade

This is what ended up being partial sun. I was running back and forth outside waiting for a tiny peek between the clouds but it's definitely not a full-on sun pic...

And it's even amazing matted...


Hedylogos - this one is a red berry/magenta jelly with holographic magenta micro-glitters. I used 2 coats of this one with one coat of top coat for the photos. This one loves the top coat so you might need two coats of top coat for a perfectly smooth finish.

Hedylogos was the god of sweet talk and flattery.

Artificial lighting...


What was supposed to be sun - just turned into indirect natural light. Darned elusive sun!

And this one is pretty sexy matted as well...


What do you think? Favorites? As mentioned, my favorite is Eros but what garnered the number 2 position?  Pothos! Yes, a full-on metallic FLAKIE BOMB! What's happening to me? 

I love how they're all so different and form a tightly-edited, well-thought out, cohesive collection.

These can be purchased at the Different Dimension Shop here starting Friday, January 23, 2015 at 9 pm EST (8 pm CST) and at the following e-tailers once stocked.

Edgy Polish
MeiMei's Signatures
Le Doux Nuage
Rainbow Connection

You can also follow Different Dimension on Facebook here and Instagram here for all the news, information and more lovely swatches.

Be sure and check out the new cuticle oils - scents will include: Mad About You (a luscious paring of strawberry, black currant blended with peony, jasmine and sensual amber) and Sensual Amber (a sensual blend of lotus petals, amber, exotic musk and creamy vanilla with hints of lemon and mandarin orange). Also launching on the 23rd.

*These were sent for review by Different Dimension for my honest review

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  1. These are all pretty tempting! I can never bring myself to matte very often....

  2. Eros is so gorgeous on you, and I love that you matted it!


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