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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Black Cat Lacquer: Mystic Minerals Collection - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Happy Sunday! Today I have a whopper of a post for you. Black Cat Lacquer Mystic Minerals Collection. There are 10 polishes and of course I just couldn't NOT post a kajillion photos. Well okay, slightly less than a kajillion. Hope you did your scrolly finger exercises! It's totally worth it though.

Black Cat Lacquer
Mystic Minerals Collection

There's a LOT so I'll try to be brief. Key word is TRY.

Continued after the jump...

Jumping right in! I have artificial light and shade/indirect light photos of all of them. Sorry there just wasn't any sun.

Amethyst is a violet purple jelly filled with pink/gold chameleon flakes. I used two coats with no top coat for the photos. No issues to report with formula or application.


Angel Aura is a clear-based topper filled with rainbow iridescent flakes and can be layered over any color. First I used one coat with one coat of top coat over 4 different shades. I do this quite offten to see which color I'd like for my full mani. First, over plain white, plain red creme, light-to-medium grey creme and black creme. After I decided to go with grey for the full mani. If white didn't hate my skin tone, I would have gone with that for sure. Formula and application were perfect.


Bismuth is a clear-based flakie topper full of gold/green/copper chameleon multi-chrome flakes. The maker's description on the site says it can be used as a topper or alone with 2 coats. I disagree, at least for me with my stained nails. I've used one coat over plain black creme with no top coat and the last photo is 2 coats alone over my bare, stained nail. Apologies in advance, but I wanted to show you. No issues at all to report.


Black Moonstone is a black holographic polish with blue micro-flakes. Perfect formula, creamy and smooth. No issues at all. Two coats with one coat of top coat for the photos.


Elestial Quartz is a smoky grey holographic polish with sterling silver micro-flakes. No issues at all. Two coats with not top coat for the photos.


Labradorite is a chocolate brown base filled with gold shimmer and blue/gold/green flakes. No issues with formula or application. Two coats with no top coat for all photos.


Lapis Lazuli is a royal blue holo with silver, gold, bronze flakes. Perfect formula and application. Two coats with one coat of top coat for all photos.


Peacock Ore is a green holo (with enough blue that it's slightly teal leaning)  filled with blue/green/gold/pink/copper color-shifting micro-flakes. Creamy smooth formula. Perfect application. I used three light coats of this one with no top coat for the photos.


Selenite is a clear-based topper with white reflective flakes and rainbow sparkle. The site says it can be used as a topper or with 2 coats alone. Again, I didn't find that to be feasible for me, with my stained nails. Although with this one 3 to 4 coats might do the trick. I've chosen to layer 2 coats over a base of silver - Milani Silver Flash - and one coat of top coat for the photos. The base has no sparkle or holo. Any of that you see is from the Selenite.


Titanium Quartz is a blue/pink/purple/gold chameleon chrome flakie polish "that can be used as a topper in one coat or 2 coats for full opacity." Actually I did wear this one alone but I needed 3 light coats and no top coat for the photos. Application and formula were perfect. Note: You will have some "BTS" - balding tip syndrome -  if you wear it without undies. That doesn't bother me at all and it's minimal on this one. The thing I can't abide is VNL (visible nail line) which isn't a problem with this one at all.


There isn't one polish in this collection I didn't like. Favorites? Probably Selenite and Titanium Quartz! What about you? What do you think of the collection? Favorites?

Black Cat Lacquer polishes are available in their Big Cartel shop here and at Llarowe and Sourpuss Clothing in addition to these international stocklists:

Mei Mei Signatures
Rainbow Connection UK

Be sure to check out Black Cat Lacquer on social media for swatches, announcements, upcoming collections, etc.:


*Products sent to me by Black Cat Lacquer for my honest opinion

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  1. My favorite is Elestial Quartz but I also really like Selenite and Titanium Quartz! Gorgeous photos!

  2. great swatches! I need to order Amethyst!

  3. So much work, you are always so thorough, thank you! I am picking Amethyst and Black Moonstone as faves, Lapis Lazuli and Titanium Quartz as runners up....

  4. Wow Bismuth! I think i am in love!


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