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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Bits and Bobs Round-up: My Most Used Beauty Items in 2014

Nothing to Disclose

Back with another 2014 post!

Not all of these products made their debut in 2014, but these are the things I've used most in 2014.

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Most worn purse and scarf. I carried this bag more this year than any other bag I have and I didn't get it until July. Balenciaga Velo Ultra Violet SHW. The scarf is my most worn because it's my favorite flowy jersey silk in a color and pattern that goes with anything. Hermes Cheval Sur Mon Carré.

Yeah this next one is a surprise. I was so excited to get La Prairie as a gift and it cost a fortune so I really REALLY wanted it to work for me. While it seemed nice, the smell made me cough my head off. I've been using Chanel Le Lift and the smell is great and doesn't affect me and truthfully? I can't really see enough difference in the results to justify spending more than twice the price on La Prairie. I really think I see more results with Le Lift!

Photo from
Favorite mascara, Chanel Le Volume

Favorite eye shadow palette - Urban Decay Naked Basics...

I've also been using the Chanel Les 4 Ombres 74 Nymphea shadow quad...

Most worn lipstick? Dior Mauve Mystere #786.

Most used eye liner? Hard Candy Stay in Line pencil. Yes I actually like this one more than UD 24/7 because while I do love 24/7, it seems to not last at ALL! It's great while it does though.

Also I use the Urban Decay 24/7 if I'm not just going with the old stand-by black. Because I don't use the other colors as often, I can't tell how fast they're being used up I guess LOL!

And I'm still using Milani blush and the Brow Fix kit...

I also finally bought my favorite coat I've ever had. I've wanted a trench forever and could never find one to fit me right. I'm short and small-framed. I tried London Fog and every other brand from super expensive to pretty cheap. I knew if I could ever find/try on a Burberry Trench, I'd fall in love. But I have to wait until I travel because we don't even have a Nordstrom around here. Well I finally did. Found the perfect trench, Nordie's seamstress pinned the sleeves, altered them and mailed it to me. Love. Like for real I'd marry this trench. And on the scale from reasonably priced to HOLY CRAP, this one is on the more reasonable side.

I walk a little taller, stand a little straighter and just feel so put together wearing a trench!

Here's the one I got. Yeah, that's not me LOL! Burberry Crombrook in Military Green. It's longer on me of course (comes to about 4 or so inches above the knee), but it fits my chest, buttons nicely and the sleeves fit! I'm also in South Texas so I didn't need a triple-lined parka or anything. Best purchase in a LONG time.

What were your most-used products in 2014? Any similar to mine?


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  1. Great choices! Love your Bits and Bobs posts! <3

  2. That lipstick looks so amazing on you!! Seriously love it.

  3. Your purse is so beautiful!

    My most used product of 2014 is definitely the maybelline stick foundation

  4. I love trenchcoats. :D Best jackets in the world

  5. Ooh I love your purse. That color is just so beautiful.The leather looks so soft too. I have a trenchcoat on my "to get' list too. Glad you finally found one that fits well! I Like these bits and bobs posts. Happy New Year!

  6. I've been carrying the same Balenciaga City every day for five years now and it has hardly aged. Great pick!

  7. I like these bits and bobs posts too.
    LUSH hand creams and their rub rub rub body scrub (the latter only once a week). Even in hot weather, my hands don't mind the full on moisture of Lush stuff. I tried a lot of hand creams in 2014 and didn't expect "the silly bath bomb company" to beat em.

  8. Hi Sheila, ooh, I wish I could find a handbag I loved! I've been looking for years and I guess maybe I'm too picky at this point. Not to give out free advertising, but I enjoy Mary Kay skincare products and used them the most this year. They're helping me to age gracefully (I hope...)


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