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Sunday, January 4, 2015

L'Oreal ColourRiche Masked Affair and Bad Bad Grey

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Tonight I have a quick post for you showing L'Oreal ColourRiche Masked Affair and Bad Bad Grey from the new Dark Sides of Grey Collection.

Masked Affair is the holo of the 8 shades and it's actually a loose linear or a "tightly scattered" meaning it has an arc but it's not a strong linear arc like the super holos. It's actually my personal favorite type of holo. It's a grey-taupe but with the holo arc, you don't get much of the taupe side. The formula was on the thin side compared to indie holos I'm used to. The 2nd coat probably should have taken me to full opacity but I had a bit of dragging and used a 3rd coat to even it out. It doesn't *need* a top coat per se - it dries shiny. But the top coat did dull the holo ever so slightly. Not enough to bother me.


Bad Bad Grey is a texture, which I wasn't expecting. Two coats without top coat and then with top coat. The shimmers are interesting but they get lost in the texture and only come out to play with a top coat. I wasn't in love because I don't care for textures. As far as textures go though, the formula was comparable to others I've tried, although it did not dry down to a matte texture. The gloss remained.

Basically, this serves to remind me why I love indie brands so much. Thanks to my friend I was "muling for" for letting me swatch these for you.

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  1. It sounds like maybe there is quality control issues with Masked Affair. I've heard some people say they had issues, and others (like me) who did not. :/ I think it's a great offering though from a mainstream brand. :) And it looks gorgeous on you!

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  3. I found I had to use the three stroke method for each coat. It would bald if I went back over an area. Other than that, mine went on like a dream. Wasn't thick or thin, didn't flood or go places I didn't want it to. I think it is a very elegant polish. Love it!
    I like some of the texture polishes so I did get a couple of the textured polishes from this collection. Just haven't swatched them yet. I like this collection very much overall.

  4. Masked Affair is gorgeous, and I love holos! Bad Bad Grey is so elegant, dark and the texture is amazing. Sheila, your swatches are perfect, and I love your blog!

  5. I cant find these anywhere in stores, where were you able to get these?

  6. Masked affair is amazing! I need it!

  7. Are there any dupes of Masked Affair among indies? I feel like I have a number of fab neutral holos but can't tell in separate images how close they would be.


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