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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does The Terrific Twos: Day 5 - A Pair of Eyes

Nothing to Disclose

Today is the last day of The Digit-al Dozen Terrific Twos, to celebrate the Digit-al Dozen's 2nd Anniversary and I'm going out with a whimper instead of a bang.

Once again, I wasn't happy with my original mani I did for this prompt. So I did another. Things That Come in Twos/Pairs. And well, EYES usually come in sets of twos.

A Pair of Eyes
Nail Art

Okay, yeah. They're a little creepy. But I just ran out of time and out of ideas for this one. The index and pinkie are sporting Pahlish Petropolis and I honestly can't remember what I used for the eyeball nails. I know I used Zoya Pandora for the tan shade and some variation of Zoya Blu, Rocky and Talllulah for the rest, along with black and white.

And in case you're curious about the one I scrapped for this, it's supposed to be a Friends Forever necklace - you know, the kind where one person wears half and the other person wears the other half...

The base is Christian Louboutin Daffodile and the rest is acrylic paint.

Be sure and check out the other great Digit-al Dozen manis in the links below and join us next month for FLORALS! I totally kicked that theme's butt!

Also don't forget about the HUGE Giveaway we're having for our 2nd Anniversary! Click here (or the giveaway photo in the left sidebar) to get to the giveaway and enter!

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  1. Those eyes are freaking awesome, I just love creepy nails that make you take a double take!

  2. I think both of these designs are great!

  3. i love the chain texture you did in the original idea version - how did you do that?

    1. I had a scrap of textured wrapping paper I used. It didn't go well LOL!

  4. I love the eyes! I don't think they're creepy at all!

  5. You're right - the eyes are creepy. But they're brilliantly done. It's just that it's creepy having eyes on your nails.

  6. I think both designs are great! The eyes are so cool!

  7. I don't think they look creepy at all! I'm not looking forward to next month's challenge at all ....with so many ladies in the group that do such amazing floral work, I know my work will be lagging! I have a couple done that I hope are group worthy! Looking forward to seeing what you (and the other ladies!) came up with as always!

  8. You talk about next month's challenge like it's already done, lol! The eyes do look a bit creepy but maybe you can use that idea for a Halloween mani?

  9. Love both of the designs! The eyes though are looking into my soul! :)

  10. Those eyes are pretty creepy! Nicely done!

  11. not gonna lie - these creep me out a little. Well a lot. But Petrolpolis is LOVELY xx


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