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Monday, September 1, 2014

Extend-A-Mani: Pollock-esque Nail Art with Elevation Polish

Nothing to Disclose

Time for another Extend-A-Mani!


Here's what I used...

I started out wearing Elevation Polish The Twinkle in Yeti's Eye. One of the most difficult polishes I've ever tried to photograph! It's a very bright, saturated teal that just seems to look blue. But I think I outsmarted it at the end of this post!

And then I wore it with a gradient of Elevation Polish Cuernos del Paine...

With flash

With flash it's too green ^^^^

And to extend it even more, I did Pollock-esque accent nails using the splatter method - with a coffee stir stick and something I have plenty of. Hot air. You just "put your lips together and blow." For this I used my go-to black creme, Wet n Wild WildShine Black Creme along with Elevation Polish Mount Ventoux and I Got the Axe...

See how blue? ^^^^

So I used my cell phone and held a bottle of BLUE polish (hehehe)

Not a great pic but the color is finally closer!

Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend!

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  1. this is absolutely stunning!! Love the whole look!

  2. oh Sheila, I love this. Even the gradient is to die for x

  3. I've never been into Elevation polishes but you always have the nicest swatches and now this one is making me latch on to another brand. Its beautiful!


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