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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Bits & Bobs: July 20, 2014: Life on the Coast

Nothing to Disclose

There are so many bits and bobs over the last few weeks that I can't catch up. But yesterday evening I went out with friends...had a great dinner and a little "dolphin cruise" which was great for the kiddos.

There was the coolest decal on the wall at the restaurant - Avery's in Port Aransas.

I am SO gonna paint that!

The "cruise" wasn't anything I haven't done on my boat before but somehow with friends, it's just so much more fun.

I forgot the sunscreen. So should I get a new hat?


Leaving the dock...

I forgot my camera so I had to use the cell. Dolphins are hard to capture with a cell phone. Yeah they're porpoises. But I gave up trying to change people.

But the beach is pretty...

And the sailboats...

There's even a pirate ship now!

When it fired its guns it startled me!

And the lighthouse was gorgeous...

Especially at sunset...

And they drag a little net and put what they find in a little "pool" so the kids can see and touch (when appropriate) the sea life. They LOVED IT!


And a smooth butterfly ray...

There were tiny squid and seahorses and fish and and and...the kids went nuts.

I wore Marc Jacobs Bark as my mani and I didn't get ONE photo of it! And I'm not even sorry! I chopped my nails to nubs when I got back from Vegas - I broke some while luggage-wrangling so it was time.

But it was easy to pick out my "favorite manis of the week" since it was Digital Dozen week!

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Happy Sunday!

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  1. Man, I can hardly do block lettering, and you can do cursive?! *sigh* Your pictures just look great, you look like you've had a blast. :)

  2. Great pix, looks like a good time was had by all!

  3. Gorgeous photos, it must be so nice to live in an area where you can do that sort of thing on the regular! Kinda sucks being in a landlocked state like Ohio! :)

  4. Port A? We live very near each other then, relatively speaking. I'm in the city. I don't know why I thought you lived closer to the Galveston area. I do love to go out to the ferries at Aransas Pass and watch the dolphins play. (LOL, I didn't know they were really porpoises, can I still call them dolphins?) Happy Birthday - a bit early in case I don't get back here in time to say it properly.

  5. Oh, I love Port Aransas/Mustang Island. In fact, some day, I'll get to Mustang to scatter my daughters' ashes into the ocean. She decided before she died that since that was one of her favorite places ever, that's what she wanted me to do with them. Camping on the beach was so much fun.


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