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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WHY U NO POST Today? Well...HAIR! That's why.

Nothing to Disclose

Why didn't I post today? Well, let's see...HAIR DILEMMA!

I've struggled with my hair my entire life. Not the color necessarily, just the curl. Until I got into my 40s and realized that red hair doesn't age well. It doesn't really "grey" so much as it fades.

So I got the brilliant idea to color it for the first time in my life. I got it too dark. It looked fake. So I waited and did it again. And again, it was so wrong.

Well today I decided to try again with a lighter, brighter shade.

The day started pre-dawn and pre-coffee with this mani - I had intentions to do nail art!

That's China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely.

But I was anxious to get my hair done because CosmoProf in Vegas is THIS weekend!

Unfortunately, this is what happened...

That's so not even close to my hair color my entire life. And I didn't like it. At all.

So then this happened...

I went with the Color Oops.

And it WORKED!!!  Back to my original hair color.

And now, well not NOW - later after any damage I did is long gone - I have to figure out how to cover the grey and brighten it back up to what it was in my 20s. But that's for another day.

And my nail art expectations?

Well this is how THAT turned out.

So I will start over tomorrow.

For now, all the smells of the color and Color Oops have given me a raging headache. So I will bid you good night and try to have a post up for you tomorrow!


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  1. I feel that pain...I couldn't get it right using drugstore color so switched to buying my supplies (and same consistent color) at Sally's. Last year for some reason I decided I'd go back to salon color. I think I got lazy. And now I am seeing after this new stylist that some of the hair didn't take the color so well....argh!!

  2. Well, your nails are gorgeous! As for the bright red, I'd totally rock that. If I had curls, anyway :) (Mine just waves. And gets frizzy haha)

  3. Hey! Great blog. Have you tried using henna? I have been using it since high school and everyone is shocked it isn't my natural color. I get skin quality henna online because it is safest, let me know if you want more info. I'd be happy to share!

    1. I was going to suggest a henna gloss, too since it would work beautifully with your natural red without looking bottle-fake.

    2. Yes I'd love more information please!

    3. I love henna. I've been using it for over 10 years, since I had an allergic reaction to hair dye. It adds such a wonderful red sheen to my dark hair :)

    4. I like but Amie might have a different source for info.

    5. I just posted a henna how-to on my personal blog. Let me know and I will email you the link if you are interested :)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. huge YES to henna!!!!!! Sheila, i'm a redhead in my late 30s, and have also discovered the sadness of fading to mousy not-red-anymore (along with a very fine smattering of grey). about 3 months ago, on a friend's recommendation, i tried Lush's Caca Rouge henna. if you have a Lush store near you, they'll put it on the first time and give you the tips & pointers of how it works. it's basically slathering your head with hay-smelling mud that you then cover with saran wrap for a few hours to work, then rinse and wash out... in other words, dedicate a whole day to this process. i'm 100% happy with it - this is the color my hair was in my early 20s, MY red, not a fakey bottle red. henna tints translucently rather than paints opaquely, so the natural, normal shading of for-real red hair is still there: the grey strands ended up bright pale copper, and the darker ones are darker. the softer tint also means that where my roots are growing out, it blends into the rest instead of creating a stark line. the color is fairly permanent, so after it calmed down (it was scary bright for about 4 days, then gradually settled down to my natural color - henna is known to continue "developing" for a few days after application, so i was prepared for not getting the final result for a week or so), i've had no further fading 3 months later. it's awesome.

  4. It might not be close to your real hair color, but I do really like the lighter shade!
    Such a warm color <3

  5. Oh, Sheila! I thought the first color was gorgeous but it's not my hair so my opinion carries little weight. I have been "a woman of a certain age" for a while and I'm not doing well with the changes I see happening. How is it possible that 30 years ago was so long ago & not just yesterday like it sometimes feels? Condition the heck out of your curls and have a grand time at Cosmo Prof!

  6. Good luck!! Red (natural or bottled) is such a hard to color to keep.

  7. I love all the reds. Sorry the reds didn't turn out the way you wanted.


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