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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dance Legend - Top Coats

Press Sample from Dance Legend
*These products are Cruelty Free 

Happy Saturday!  Today I have the 4 Dance Legend Top Coats to show you. Magnetic, Geometric, Sahara and Prismatic.

Dance Legend
Top Magnetic, Top Sahara, Top Prismatic and Top Geometric

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First I want to show you the base I used for each of these top coats so that you can see whether they alter the color and how much...Zoya Kieko.

First I did a "skittles" with them...

I actually liked all of these but Top Prismatic was my favorite and it didn't alter the color enough to bother me. The great thing is that you can use it to make ANY color a great linear holo.  I didn't find Top Geometric super unique, but the formula was great and the glitters were well-suspended and applied easily. I didn't really expect to like the Top Magnetic but using my own magnets, in addition to the one provided by Dance Legend all worked great and this one was easier than any I've tried so far. The bonus is that you can make ANY color work! And because it's layered over the base color of your choice, you don't get the bare nail showing. My least favorite was Top Sahara. But I think that's mainly because I had a different idea in my head about what it was. I was expecting the true sand effect - a real texture. And that's not really what I got with it. It doesn't dry matte and it's not really that textured. That said, the effect is super pretty. Just not the "texture" I was expecting. It's more of a sparkle/shimmer top coat that doesn't dry down to a texture.

And now for the photos.

Top Prismatic


Top Geometric  (layered over Top Prismatic)


Top Magnetic


Top Sahara


What do you think of these? Favorite? For me the Top Prismatic is my favorite.

You can check these out at the Dance Legend site and also at Llarowe and Color4Nails and various other e-tailers worldwide. Dance Legend ships directly from Russia, but if you're outside Russia, you can also shop the e-tailers listed above. From Russia to the US it takes about 2 to 3 months so the US e-tailers are really the way to go if you're in the States. You can also like the Dance Legend Facebook pageLlarowe on Facebook and color4nails on Facebook for more information.

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  1. All beautiful colors! Your manis & photos are fabulous!

  2. I agree, Top Prismatic is beautiful! Lovely swatches as always

  3. Hi Sheila, I found this link that might be helpful to you in your search for Nails Inc HPR

    1. Aw MAN!!! I had 3 in my cart but when I put in my address it told me no. They can't ship polish to the US. Which I sort of knew but I tried! Thanks for keeping an eye out though!

  4. Top Sahara does dry down to a matte texture though. You just need more than 1 coat to get the full effect :)

  5. I actually really like the magnetic one! Is that uncool?

  6. That is an excellent holo topcoat! I like that they've made a magnetic top coat too since it's nice to be able to use it with any polish but I doubt I'd get much use out of it. Could be cool for skittles though!


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