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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Copy-Caturday - Gradient with Stamping

As I told you, one of my goals this year is to try more nail art. I'm not really good at it but I'm hoping practice makes perfect.

So...I decided to try Copy-Caturdays! I will attempt to copy-cat a nail design that I love on Saturdays, or on Copy-Caturday, I should say.

Tonight I have my interpretation of a FANTASTIC manicure I saw from Jacki at Adventures in Acetone. She did a great gradient with stamping in her review of some stamping plates and while I don't have the polishes she used or the stamping plate image, I decided to try my interpretation of it using what I have.

So I started out with OPI You Don't Know Jacques (this is one I had from before going cruelty-free) and did a sponge gradient with that and Pure Ice All Night Long. I used butter LONDON's matte top coat over it - the BEST matte top coat out there, in my opinion.

Blue and Taupe Gradient

And then I picked out an image from one of my new Bundle Monster stamping plates (BM-312) and stamped over the gradient using Milani Flashy Silver.

Blue Taupe Gradient with Stamping

Blue Taupe Gradient with Stamping

So what do you think? Just remember, I'm still learning and practicing so be kind! But I will show you the failures along with the successes, so it could get quite funny!

And don't forget to visit Jacki's post at Adventures in Acetone to see where I got my inspiration.

Here's a teaser photo for you...

Of course hers is To Die For Gorgeous but to misquote a line from As Good As It Gets: "Jacki, you make me want to do a better mani."

Thanks for looking! Have a GREAT weekend!

Sheila ♥

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  1. this is super cute! i love the moon and star stamps!

  2. I think your gradient colors are better than the original :) For your stamping it looks like you need a thicker consistency silver to get a stronger design? Still looks lovely though!

  3. This gradient is gorgeous! The colours are so beautiful.

  4. Awesome job on the gradient! I'm still scared to try it since I'm complete crap at any sort of nail art. And the stamping really pops over the base.

  5. OMGOSH how did I miss this?! Thank you so much for "copying" me! Your version is so pretty!! xoxo


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