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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skunked AGAIN!

Well I've had an eventful evening.  Started out relaxing. Nice dinner, some TV, polishing my nails...and then all hell broke loose in the yard.

Last year, both Murphy and Twinkie got sprayed by a skunk.  Thankfully I have ONE dog who learns from her mistakes.  Twinkie managed to stay out of it tonight.  Murphy?  Not so smart.

Mr. Murphy McDumberson

So I'm mixing hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn, separating Twinkie, running water in the tub (it's dark out there, not to mention there's a skunk, so the usual outdoor bath spot was out) and trying to get Murphy inside.

It was like a comedy skit.  He's 100 pounds (give or take a few) and although I still claim the "small but mighty" title, I probably outlived it a few years back. The only way I can get him into the bath is to carry him because otherwise, he's having NONE of it.  Loves to swim, hates baths.  Go figure.  I get him around the middle and he immediately does the "spread-eagle, all four paws on the door facing" maneuver. You'd think it wouldn't take me as long to figure out to turn around and BACK in, but it does.  Every single time. *headsmack*

And I completely ruined my nails and had to start over.

I swear Twinkie was laughing at the both of us.

Ms. Twinkie McGenius


  1. Oh no!! LOL And I would have never guessed Murphy was around 100 pounds, he doesn't look that big. My dogs all hate baths as well so I understand that. Sam is the biggest though and he's probably 50ish pounds.

  2. Awwww! Been through that myself with my golden retriever. You poor thing!

  3. Lol oh golly! I'm so glad my dog never has gotten skunked!

    He does look like he was laughing though. Haha


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