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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Nails Days 5-12

Sort of.  They're starting to grow out enough that I don't feel totally odd with darker polishes.

Days 5 and 6

Clarins 225 "Mannequin Hands"
The tip wear was getting to me so day 7 I layered over Clarins 230, affectionately known in Nail Polish circles as Unicorn Pee because of its rarity.  Clarins discontinued it, making it instantly coveted. And really, Unicorn Pee does make everything better.  It's fabulous gold/red douchrome shimmer embedded in a translucent red polish.  Looks great over just about anything.

Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee layered over Clarins 225
Days 9 and 10

Nfu-Oh 64 - Again

Kleancolor Holo Pink
Day 11

Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant with Kleancolor Purple Holo as accent finger
Day 12

Borghese Mochaccino and Palermo Plum toothpick zigzag

The Kleancolors polished FINALLY arrived.  The "holos" are scattered holo shimmers and not the linear holo goodness that I prefer, but I like them.  Application was great and the brush design is acceptable.  The Nfu-Oh 64 is a great linear holo, which is why I keep going back to it.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of my Spectraflair so I can try a few linear holos on my own.  I only ordered 2 grams of it, but if it works out, I may have to start ordering it by the pound! =)  I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever get here.  It's been over 2 weeks and nothing takes THAT long to get to me.  Still hopeful, though.  But I have had things lost in the mail before.  We will see.

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