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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life's Not All Bad

I'm going to guess that most likely NONE of you have heard Time by Ray Price.  If not, ENJOY!  Then we'll talk...

Hopefully, you actually listened to the words.  Sobering, aren't they?  And true. Time really IS a monster.  (But there's no one on the planet with a voice like his! *swoon*)

Today was "one of  those" days for me.

*It's too hot to live.
*I've done a really stupid thing and given myself a headache with, of all things, scented nail polish.  Yes, you heard me. Ugh.
*The boat wasn't hitting on all 24 today when we ran it - one of the injectors is clogged or something like that.
*Murphy dug a hole large enough, right outside the back door, for him to fit his entire HUGE self.  Seriously, it's about 3 feet in diameter and at least 2 feet deep.

BUT, life's not all bad.

*I made a fantastic balsamic reduction and very nice steak for dinner.
*My headache is almost gone.
*Both dogs are sleeping contentedly at my feet.
*I am watching Craig Ferguson in Paris at the Moulin Rouge actually dancing with the Can-Can Girls!

It just always bears repeating that looking on the positive side of things is, as Martha Stewart would say, a "good thing."  When I think how truly bad things could be, I drop to my knees and say a prayer of thanks.

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  1. Profound and sad but to a lovely tune and sung by a lovely voice. It's like most lullabies. Glad the headache is almost gone. And I'm jealous you got a yummy steak to eat......


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