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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crowstoes: Holographic Principle Collection - Swatches and Review & Black Friday Details!

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I'm baaaaaack! I know I'm inundating you with posts today but Black Friday, yo! This time I have a new Crowstoes Collection for you! And it was inspired by an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Crowstoes Nail Color
Holographic Principle Collection

I am going to give you a little insight into the maker now - because I found it super interesting, I thought you guys would as well and I'm not sure she meant this to be public, but better to apologize later rather than ask for permission first, right? hehe

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Big Bang Theory fan. When i am working on nail polish my portable dvd player is almost always playing past Big Bang Theory Seasons. Aside from being a funny show, it also makes me think about the big picture. Not in a sanctimonious way either - it literally begs me to seek out more information through its humor.  I mean, how freakin' cool is that? I also must admit that I have never played well with math. I have what you'd call an "Art Brain" and it's not a great science art brain either like DaVinci, mmm'kay?!  I firmly believe that the part of my brain that has gifted me with my artistic talent at the same time shorted me in mathematical aptitude department. Because of this, I have the utmost respect, not only for the field of theoretical physics, but also for all of those who are involved in the field itself. They are beyond mind-blowingly intelligent in my opinion. 

One of my all time favorites episodes is from Season 6, Episode #5 - "The Holographic Excitation." In this one, Penny surprises Leonard by visiting his lab. During her visit, while showing her all of the "high techie techie, and low techie techie" equipment that he works with every day, Leonard explains to Penny what is known as "the holographic principle" quite beautifully. So much so, that even my dumb butt can understand it. 

Watch the clip of it here. 

Leonard: "You know, there's a foundational idea in string theory...that the whole universe may be a hologram." 

Penny: "What do you mean?…..Oh… Wow…"

Leonard: "Well The Holographic Principle suggests that what we all experience every day, in 3 dimensions, may really just be information on a surface located at the farthest reaches of our cosmos…. So, it's possible that our lives are really just acting out a painting on the largest canvas in the universe…"

Penny: "Hmm"

Leonard: "What?"

Penny: "Sometimes I forget how smart you are…(laughs)"

Okay with that sorted, let's get started!

So I'm going to start with the one I have the most photos of because it's a shifter and it really gave my swatching hand a workout, twisting and turning in every direction. Plus I mostly didn't have any sun for this collection except a few random burst here and there that I looked totally ridiculous chasing everywhere LOL!

A Volume of Space - This one is a black-based color shifter sparsely packed with silver holographic and gunmetal glitters. No issues at all with formula or application. My only issue was with trying to capture the color-shifts to show you guys! Two coats with one coat of top coat.


Hey! Get Outta My 3-Brane - this one is a deep hot pink/red-magenta holo and the formula was great. I used 3 light coats with one coat of top coat for the photos.


The Holographic Principle - this one is a silver linear holo. No issues at all - 3 light coats and one coat of top coat for the photos.


Just Another Gravitational Wave - this one is medium blue (with very slight teal leanings) holographic. No issues to report. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos. And no staining, which is usually an issue with these types of blues.


Monstrous Moonshine - this one is a red-violet orchid holo. Smooth and easy formula. Two coats with one coat of top coat for the photos.


Unified Field - this one is is a neutral-toned green holographic with micro-flakes - I say neutral-toned because depending on the light it leans both warm and cool. Great for any skin tone. Two coats with one coat of top coat for the photos.


Wheeler's Bag of Gold - this one is a densely packed gold flake polish with gold shimmer and holo micro-glitters. I used two coats and, for this one, two coats of top coat to smooth it out. It's a deep coppery gold with a great bling-factor in the sun. What little sun I could chase down!


What do you think? Favorites? My favorites are Monstrous Moonshine and Hey! Get Outta My 3-Brane.

The Holographic Principle Collection polishes will be available at her Big Cartel Shop here starting Sunday, November 29th at 10 am EST (9 CST) and each polish retails for $12.

Black Friday Sale Details:  20% off your ENTIRE ORDER if you order 2 or more bottles of polish. Starts  11/27 at 9am EST and runs until 11/30 at Midnight EST. And yes, this new collection will be eligible for the sale once it launches on the 29th!


Stay tuned to the Crowstoes Facebook page for more swatches and more details.


*Products sent to me by Crowstoes for my honest opinion
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  1. Oh my, what a collection! You can't go wrong with holo, and that first polish... <3

  2. Hi! Your photos for Volume of Space is phenomenal!! Does it actually also have a bronze shift?! Need~~~~~


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