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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen: Inspired by Pinterest - Abstract Floral and Plaid


Another Digital Dozen week comes to an end *sadness* - so of course I have my final mani and a "fail" for you.

Once I stopped thinking about looking for manicures on Pinterest and just looked for other things that inspired me, I wasn't "stuck" anymore! So I ended up with 3 manis for today but my favorite one I'm saving for Christmas!

This was inspired by a Vasilj Godzh photograph.

I used KBShimmer Eclipse (sent for review) and white acrylic paint.

And this was my inspiration...

As for the "fail" well it's not really a total fail. It was actually really pretty at arm's length and I wore it for a few days. The problem was twofold though. When you crop for the closeup, it looks messy and I just couldn't stop adding lines! Unfortunately it's not like getting dressed and looking in the mirror one last time and then taking one thing off before leaving.  LOL!

I used Zoya Dove and Salon Perfect Sugar Cube (both purchased by me) and black acrylic paint.

This was my inspiration photo...

Such a cute dress!

Be sure to check the links below for all the other great Pinterest-inspired manis!


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