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Monday, November 16, 2015

Girly Bits: Holiday Magic Collection - Swatches and Review (and some nail art)

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I'm back with a new Holiday Collection from Girly Bits!

Girly Bits
Holiday Magic Collection

Holiday Magic

From Girly Bits: This collection consists of 9 classic holiday colours with Girly Bits flair. I am excited to have collaborated with Megan Edwards to bring you a stunning collection of sparkly goodness for the holiday. Megan is a spokesperson for Girly Bits as well as a model and is immersed in the fashion and entertainment scene in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently with Virgin Radio, as well as a panelist on CTV news: Fame Factor.

Catch me after the jump for swatches!

This collection truly does have something for everyone. With her nine new shades, Pam covered vampy late fall, Christmas and a blingy New Year! I've used Girly Bits What a Rush top coat on most of these and Girly Bits Glitter Glaze top coat on a few. Both are quick dry and I'll let you know which I've used with the swatches of each one. I've tried to get photos in full sun, shade and artificial lighting on all of them, although there are only artificial light photos for the creme and the crelly.

So let's get started! I'm going to start with the "sleeper" of the bunch for me. I didn't even realize looking at the bottle it was a linear holo!

Sandy Claws - This one is a nude holo with pink and purple shimmer. Very classy! I used 2 coats and one coat of What a Rush top coat. No issues at all.


Dont Tangle Your Tinsel - This is a silver holo glitter bomb with full coverage in 2 coats. I did use Glitter Glaze as my top coat on this one but you really don't need anything but a regular top coat for this one as it's fairly smooth on its own. No issues at all and the bling is huge.


No Peeking 'til 7 AM - This is the "crelly" of the bunch and it applies like a creme but has the look of a crelly. I used 2 coats of this one for full opacity. It also stamps nicely. One coat of What a Rush top coat. Perfect formula. It's a gloriously vampy oxblood red - brown undertones.


Blue Christmas - This one is a deep dark navy creme. I used ONE coat of this one with one coat of What a Rush top coat. Perfectly creamy formula. No issues at all. 


Little Red Toque - This is red jelly. RED. Very Christmasy and loaded with gold shimmer/micro-glitter. I used two coats of this one with one coat of What a Rush top coat. No issues at all except that the "glow from within" effect totally tripped out my camera.


Jiminy Christmas - this one is a green holo glitter jelly and the 2 shades of green with the twinkle and the blue spark make it look like a lit Christmas tree! No issues to report. I used 2 coats of this one and one coat of Glitter Glaze top coat for the photos.


Love Your Elf - this one is a soft muted pink with a lovely silver shimmer. This one is particular about the skin tone it likes and my pale cool-toned skin isn't its favorite but it does pull out a bit to the lavender side of pink on me. I'll show you another way to wear this beauty if you have the same skin tone as mine later in the post! Two easy coats with one coat of What a Rush top coat. No issues at all.


Blazing Yule Before Us - this one is a blingy burnished antique gold with micro-flakes and shimmer and a metallic look. Two coats of this one with one coat of What a Rush top coat. I think this one should probably have 3 light coats for depth and opacity.


Coal Dancer - this one is a black and silver holo glitter in a black tinted jelly base. You can also see sapphire blue holo glitter interspersed. The holo glitters insure a rainbow of sparkle. I used 3 light coats to build this one to opacity and one coat of Glitter Glaze top coat to finish. No issues to report.


And as always, when I have time I like to play around with them a bit and do some easy and fun nail art.

First I want to show you what I did with Love Your Elf to put another color (Blue Christmas) between the paleness of the polish and my pale skin...

This is Blue Christmas with Don't Tangle Your Tinsel...

No Peeking 'til 7 AM with Blazing Yule Before Us...

Little Red Toque with Jiminy Christmas...

...and a bit of Tinsel and Blazing Yule...

And finally a gradient with Sandy Claws as the base and Jiminy Christmas and Little Red Toque. I also did some very amateur stamping with the red and green just to show they also stamp well.


What do you think? Favorites? For me, Sandy Claws, Blue Christmas, No Peeking 'til 7 AM and Don't Tangle Your Tinsel. And Little Red Toque. LOL I didn't narrow it much!

The 9-piece Holiday Magic Collection will be available at the Girly Bits shop here on November 22 at 12 Noon EST (11 AM Central). These will retail for $13 CAD each but for a limited time, you can purchase all 9 for a discounted price of $108 CAD and the collection/set will ship free within North America.  Worldwide shipping is also available and rates vary by destination.

We are very pleased to introduce FREE shipping on orders over $200 CAD

You can follow the links below for more information and swatches!



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  1. awesome swatches & i LOVE the nail art designs you did with the red & green shades!


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