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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Purse Insanity

So okay, if you have a brain in your head, you can tell by the Blog's name that if you want in depth political discussions, you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of great blogs out there with, you know...substance.  I enjoy reading quite a few of them, actually. Am I saying that something (of substance) won't tick me off so bad I have to come here and vent about it one of these days? No, but that's not the general tone around here.

That having been said, get ready for even LESS substance than normal!  Purses, I gotz 'em.  I love them.  I collect them - sort of.  I may be wearing Payless shoes and a Walmart tank today, but I guarantee I'm carrying a nice purse to round out the ensemble! Why? I don't know. Maybe purses are to me as a Rolex or a Jag is for the 45 year old male in the throes of a mid-life crisis? Or maybe a nice purse is "the great equalizer?" Theories? I do own some nice clothes and shoes. Probably too many. (Probably?  LOL!) But they don't get out much. I'm likely to wear a really nice scarf several times a week, but in general, here in PoDunk, USA, I'm in jeans and a T-shirt. The great thing about a nice purse is that it goes with anything!

I'm not into "collectables." Chachskis just collect dust and they don't DO anything. But purses, well, they carry your life around every day! So no, I don't need another teapot or beanie babies or little ceramic angels.  Purses are where it's AT, Bay-Bee!

So make fun of me if you will. I'm a big girl and I can take it. I'm not overly "girly" or "princess-y" and I can change my own oil (and even catch icky snakes in my dining room!) so if I want to carry a nice purse, I'm going to. And I am going to do it for ME. Not for someone else. And certainly not because some "celebrity" has that same one. More like "in spite of" - IF I like it well enough. Unless I am carrying a knock-around-in-the-rain Louis Vuitton, no one around where I live even knows what I am carrying anyway. And I like it that way. Hermes? Celine? Bottega Veneta? 99% of the people in my lil burg have never heard of these. And I am fine with that. There aren't many questions that make me more uncomfortable than "how much was your bag?"  Sorry, but that's just rude. If you want to know, google it. And even then don't assume I didn't get a "deal" or it wasn't a gift. (And no, so far, only of my bags was a "gift" and NOT from my guy, either - but my birthday IS coming up next month *hint hint*) Mainly, it's just none of anyone's business.

Because I had so MANY purses that I'd collected over the years, and because my tastes got increasingly more expensive, I decided to purge. I sold a lot of them, "traded" some of them and donated a ton of them - mainly to a local women's shelter. I've gotten rid of well over a 100 purses in the last 2 years.  Most of them I don't miss at all. Right now, I've gotten it down to around 25. And yes, I use all of them.

I'm lazy when it comes to bags. I don't want to have to fuss with it to get in and out of it. So I love the birkin because it's an open tote (well, if you don't close it up properly, which very few do.) I love my picotins because they're wide open. Right now I'm loving my Tod's Ivy bag. It's a big lump of smooshy goodness that probably holds my body weight in stuff. It's a lovely neutral taupe/mushroom color and the straps are perfect for shoulder, hand or arm carry. Perfection in a bag.

Tod's Ivy Sacca Media

What it holds
Kindle Reader, Bottega Venetta (purple) case, Hermes (quetsche) GM Karo, Hermes (vert anis) PM Karo, Hermes (rose shocking) piccolo, Mulberry wallet, Moleskine (hot pink) notepad, small blue document "envelope," mints, breath freshener and cell phone.

And it's still less than half full!

So while I still switch up a lot, I find that I've been always going back to this one lately.  It's just too easy and pretty not to!

These are my other current favorites:

Hermes Picotins

My favorite charatreuse clemence Picotin MM

Hermes Bolide and Constance

Hermes Kelly

Hermes Silky City

Hermes raisin clemence PHW Lindy 30 CM 

Birkin - on a cruise last year for my birthday


  1. I hope to own a birkin one day! Yours is very classic and lovely!

  2. I love how you have everything organized even if it's a big, open purse. And I agree, it's nobody else's business what you spend YOUR money on and it is beyond rude to ask.

  3. OMG Sheila. I love the read, first of all. I had no idea it was rude to ask how much a purse was. I love your collection even though I don't know much about them. I am excited to learn! You and a few others have changed my way of thinking about purses her over the past day and I am so glad about that! Maybe someday, I can hope to have a gorgeous purse(s) like these! Do more of these!


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