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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eating my Words

Remember last night when I was talking all brave about mice and snakes?  You know, justifying my fear of scorpions? I think my exact words were "Snakes?  Meh." Well I have had mice and even a big snake in my house.  Didn't freak out.  Why?  Well mice aren't scary.  At all.  And the snake, though pretty large, wasn't poisonous.

So last night (well, actually 1:30 am) I found a snake in my dining room.  Very small snake.  Looked poisonous. TOTALLY different!

So I got the BBQ tongs and a ziplock and put on my big girl panties.

First try I missed and the little bugger LUNGED at me!

I didn't miss the second time.  Thankfully.  Put him in the ziplock bag - hopefully to be identified by someone today.

I live in a hot hell full of creepy crawlies.

Edited to Add:  According to my sources, it wasn't poisonous.  It's being released back into the wild.  


  1. Basically I am not afraid of snakes. Nor do I fear mice or scorpions.
    But from here to actually catch a snake in my dining room that's a HUGE difference. HUGE!!

    by the way, the one thing I am afraid of is... umm... *blush* cockroaches...
    the one creature in the list that actually do no harm whatsoever...
    go figure...


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