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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Laws of Physics

I'll be the first to admit physics wasn't my best subject, but I thought I had a relatively decent grasp on the basics. Apparently I was mistaken.

Excited to have a few large items hauled out of my house today, in preparation for the Move. That. Will. Not. Happen. Fast. Enough. Silly me thought having an entire bed and wardrobe removed would leave more space, you know, with my aforementioned general grasp of the laws of physics and all. Ha! Instead, the room is MORE full than it was before. How, exactly, is that possible?

And how/when did I accumulate so much "stuff?"  After Bill passed away, I rented a construction-sized dumpster and filled it up completely. That was only 6 years ago. So either I needed to have rented TWO dumpsters back then or I've been out of control for the last 6 years. Part of me wants to attribute it to the house being way too small. But who am I kidding? A 3/2/2 is plenty big enough for me and 2 dogs.

Next up on my reading list? Unstuff Your Life by Andrew J. Mellen. It's been hanging out on my Kindle for a while now. I think it's time. Past time.

Hashtag #truthhurts.

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