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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ever Google Yourself?

I hadn't either.  Until last night.  Actually, I didn't google "myself" exactly, but my username on a forum I frequent.  Boy was I surprised!  I popped up in someone else's blog!  I'm famous!  Or rather...infamous.  Someone called "anonymous" (yeah riiiiight) had posted a comment about me to a blog post and it wasn't very nice.  Of course it was stupid and incorrect and it's  glaringly obvious who "anonymous" is.

So I posted a comment, even though the original post was from early last year, thinking the owner of the blog wouldn't possibly post it, stating the real facts, you know, for posterity and all that crap.  Not that it would do any good or that anyone really cares. But it made me feel better.

Lo and behold, when I checked this morning, he HAD approved the "rebuttal" post and it showed!  So I'd like to say thanks to him. THANKS!

Kinda reminds me of my Mean Girls post in here a few months ago.  People are stupid.

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  1. I have a feeling I know who this is about and good for you!


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