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Monday, January 25, 2016

Girly Bits Stamping Stuff!

Press Samples
and Purchased by Me

Tonight, I have a post I'm pretty excited about. If you've followed long, you're likely aware that I can't stamp. Like seriously, I have often said I could freehand a design more quickly than I could stamp. One finger works and the next doesn't. Stop, remove, reapply base polish. Try again. Say bad words. Wash, rinse repeat until I'm so frustrated I give up. I've done a few here on Pointless Cafe and always provided an apology first LOL!

Tonight though, I have some SUCCESS to tell you about! I don't know if it was the stamping polishes, the stampers, the pressure I used, the plates or what, but I'll show you what I tried with this time and a few of the results.

I received 12 new Girly Bits Stamping Polishes and her new GBC 1-01 stamping plate, along with the Perfect Cotton Holder to test them out. Because really, who better than someone who absolutely sucks at stamping? Pam is brave.  I purchased the Uber Mat directly from Uber, although Pam now carries them in the Girly Bits shop! And I purchased the new clear stamper with scraper and extra head and those will be available again very soon at Girly Bits as well.

First thing I did was a couple of test manis - one being a double stamping mani for a nail art group I'm in so you may have seen it...

So this is the plate...

Clear, well-etched images.

And this little contraption is genius! It's the Perfect Cotton Holder. It will hold any type of cotton you use - I use the cotton rounds.

I make a big mess trying to stamp, which is part of the frustration I'd had, I think. But with this, no fibers on my polish and the pure acetone I use for the plate doesn't mess up my right hand.

Then I tried each color and each image on my Uber Mat.

The currently available colors of stamping polish are:

Little Black Dress
Bronze Goddess
White Wedding
British Racing Green
Cobalt Blue
Fire Engine Red
Golden Ticket
Silver Bells

They're all opaque and easy.  I just couldn't believe that I didn't have to re-do a single one of those and all of them peeled up nicely for decals! But you know I had to mess something up - I let my battery run down in my camera so most of these are with my cell, so the blur is my cell pics not the images.

And of course I played around a bit...

See how the Girly Bits logo is crooked above? That was before I received the clear stamper. Placement is no issue with this one because you can line it up looking right through from the top of the stamper!

I've never gotten an image that perfect in my LIFE.

And finally my last mani on my shorties...

(The above mani is over a base of Scofflaw An American Wookie in London, purchased by me, as an Extend-a-Mani.)

I've never been happier or less intimidated by stamping as I am now.  Of course this is my first real success with it so I'm hoping to practice and get better now and learn new techniques instead of scrolling quickly by as I used to.

What do you think? I know most of you stamping gurus out there are aware and may have already tried these items but for the ones like me? I highly recommend. The proper "tools" make all the difference.

Girly Bits Links:

Girly Bits Shop
Girly Bits on Facebook
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*Some products were provided by Girly Bits for my honest opinion
*Some products were purchased by me
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  1. Oh my gosh, you give me hope!!! Maybe I can learn

    1. You have NO IDEA how happy I am about this LOL! I put off trying the stuff for a while because I figured it would be yet another exercise in futility.

  2. I've got to put in some more practice...seems like I start out okay, then downhill from there til I walk

  3. Everything looks great!! I have been getting more and more into stamping, so I really need a few REAL stamping polishes. I think I'll have to place an order :)

  4. I had the same experience--the right tools made ALL the difference. I could never stamp for beans and then, one squishy stamper and great stamping polish later, things clicked and now I must STAMP ALL THE THINGS. :) So happy for you!

  5. Wow! That was wonderful and inspiring! I will definitely give this a try!

  6. Great success! I seriously need one of those clear stampers. I also find stamping to be really finicky - I can do it one day and not the next. It's like everything has to be perfect. That little cotton holder gadget looks really handy but I keep a box of earbuds in my nail shelf especially to clean my things while stamping!

  7. The Perfect Cotton Holder is a strawberry huller! lmao That's GENIUS!


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