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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend Bits and Bobs: January 10, 2016 - Dogs, Snow, Cooking and Make-Up Storage

Nothing to Disclose

It's baaaaack!!!

Weekend Bits and Bobs was one of my most popular blog series but I shamelessly let it fall by the wayside when I moved. It actually disappeared a bit before that...I needed to learn how to say NO more often and then prep for the move. But it's time to resuscitate it now.

Because it's such a random conglomeration of things that are rarely interesting, I can't imagine the appeal, but who am I to argue? I'm just happy all of you guys show up post after post. You are wonderful!

So I'll just jump right in with today. The big news of the day here is SNOW! After living away from my Southern Indiana home for 32 years, in the South Texas heat, I was so looking forward to snow this year. Proof that there actually ARE four seasons! It started around midnight last night and just fell in a slow, steady, large flake all night. Well, until just now actually, just before noon. There's a sheet of ice under it, but since I don't have to leave the house, I'm good!

The dogs don't seem to mind much. Twinks couldn't care less. Rain, snow, sun, it's all the same to her. Murphy, on the other hand was like um...NOPE. But later he wanted back out and made friends with it. It made him super frisky!

The back yard was totally full of cardinals earlier, really pretty against the white snow. But along came a bluejay - they are such JERKS! They ran all the cardinals off.

These lil fat guys stuck around though...

Enough of that. You'd think I'd never seen snow before and I'm a proud veteran of The Blizzard of 1978! LOL!


I don't do resolutions. Never have. But I do need to do something about my make-up storage. Or lack thereof. I've never really been "into" make-up - not like purses or nail polish. So I've never thought much about storage. Until I moved and I don't have as much room anymore. This is what I have right now and it's driving me nuts. But I've looked a bit into the acrylic units with drawers and I just have a hard time pulling the trigger on $100 + for acrylic storage.

As you can see, I definitely need to do something though. Suggestions welcome!

Not a lot more has been happening really...went and had dinner on NYE at a friend's restaurant.

With the fabulous James!

But I was home by 8:30 because fireworks scare the crap out of Murphy. So I rang in the new year on the sofa with dogs, a good book and the ball-drop on TV.


Other than just trying to re-adjust to the new house, the long-forgotten temps and just moving in general, I've been doing a lot more cooking and baking.

I've been looking for the recipe for chicken and dumplings that were like I remembered. Slickers. I've made some good ones along the way, don't get me wrong...but they were never exactly what I was trying for. Well, last weekend, a HS classmate responded to my 473rd plea on Facebook for THAT recipe and came over to make them with me! Yeah yeah, I never claimed to be a photographer, much less a food photographer.

And in addition to the usual fudge, I made homemade lemon cookies and buckeyes!

If you were around on my personal Facebook a month or so ago, you might remember the Great Tamale Saga of 2015. I don't miss much about Texas (other than the people) but I really, really miss edible Mexican food. Especially tamales. Especially around the holidays. So I decided to make them myself. For the first time. I found everything I needed EXCEPT (oh the irony) corn husks. I live in the middle of the corn belt. Practically in the middle of a corn field. And that is what I couldn't find? Oh and just for future reference, when you ask for corn husks to make tamales in Walmart in Southern Indiana, they look at you like you have 3 heads. After several phone calls and an hour drive each way, they were procured. Tamales made and they were delicious, if I do say so myself. My masa spreading technique needs work, but they hit the spot and now I know I can do it.


My favorite thing I've cooked recently though has to be the EASIEST and best pork tenderloin ever in the history of Sheila.

Yes, even better than the "balsamic pork" I usually do. I was in the mood for a gravy instead of a balsamic reduction (I know, surprising) so I did it differently. Cooked it overnight and woke up to the best one EVER! It was so good that I didn't even get around to making the gravy with the juices before the meat was gone.

I buy the 2-pack pork tenderloins - cook one and freeze one. So they're about 2 or 2.5 pounds each is all, which is perfect since I cook for one. I don't really measure anything when I cook, so I'm guessing a bit at this...

I put a cup of chicken broth per pound of pork tenderloin. And for each cup of chicken broth I put a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of soy sauce. So I used 2 cups of chicken broth, 2 tablespoons each of lemon juice and soy sauce. Then I added just salt and pepper and yes, I had to put a little balsamic in it - probably only ended up being a tablespoon, maybe a touch more.
I cooked it on high for 5 hours and then I put it on low until I was ready to eat. Then I kept it on warm until I was done with leftovers and turned it off to cool down so I could put it in the fridge.
So simple and so perfect. Ideally, you would use the wonderful juice to make gravy (add corn starch and thicken up in a pan on the stove) but I'd need a bigger roast for that lol!


I made a big pot of chili last night. Because...SNOW! No photos though. I was too anxious to dive in.


Of course I can't leave you without showing you my NYE mani! I used KBShimmer Diamond (sent for review - disclosed in the Birthstone Collection blog post here.)

Well that's about enough rambling for now. Anxious to get back the the Weekend Bits and Bobs posts!  Thanks for checking it out.


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  1. SO glad Bits and Bobs is back! <3

  2. Love that mani so hard! Thanks for bringing this series back, it's so fun to read & learn a little more about you & your life. I love that pic of you & your classmate above, you both look happy & wonderful!

  3. I've always enjoyed your Bits and Bobs posts :D It's just fun to read about other people's lives (plus, your dogs are frigging adorable!) <3

  4. Replies
    1. Mmmm dumplings (and buckeyes and tamales)!! I love this series post too. Welcome back from the south, neighbor; I am next door in Ohio, so I woke up to snow today as well.

  5. Glad to see it back.I love all your posts,though. You make me want all the polishes(my wallet doesn't approve.)

  6. Ooh... your pork tenderloin recipe sounds yummy! Consider it bookmarked for a special occasion :)

  7. I'm glad bits and baubs is back! The photos look great and those NYE nails are so festive!

  8. I like the look of acrylic storage, but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much either, so I have some Sterilite drawers - big ones someone gave me for the stuff I don't use often, and some of the smaller desktop ones stacked on top of each other for my every day stuff. I have a few acrylic pieces I picked up from The Container Store that weren't horrendously expensive (lipstick organizers, corner organizer, letter sorters for palettes) and a 3-section bin for eyeliners and such that I picked up at Wal-mart, and it works out great for me! I saw a blog (that is now private, boo!) that used some Rubbermaid acrylic desktop organizers to store makeup and the prices were much more palatable than ones designed for makeup, if you can find those!

    So glad to see Bits & Bobs back - enjoy your snow!! I'm in East Central IL and it ended up missing us!! :D

  9. That nye mani is so pretty and sparkly, it actually convinced me to get diamond when I ordered from the birthstones collection!

    I love this segment you do and I love seeing your adorable dogs included. :) I happen to also enjoy watching cardinals and hate when they're scared off by other bully birds! Lol

  10. Yay! The Bibs and Bobs are back! Love this one. For makeup storage I use shoe boxes. I realize it's not easy to do because you have to gradually stockpile them. I keep the out of season items tucked away and move things around seasonally. I keep current items in a makeup case for my grab and go application. And additional current items for rotation (like eye palettes) in a drawer. I keep the lipsticks and blushes in a tray on my dresser. I switch out the eyeshadow, blush, and lipsticks every couple of weeks depending on what I am in the mood for. There is probably a better way, but since the colors are seasonal, it basically works. You have one helluva metabolism-- love your recipes but I avoid starchy carbs. Could try the tenderloin though!

  11. You have a way with words! After 15 years, homemade tamales sound wonderful. I am hooked on the steak quesadillas from Real Hacienda in Owensboro. Nothing else hits the spot.
    Also, thanks for sharing your recipe for pork tenderloin. I usually just give it some olive oil, garlic, and rosemary. I have to watch the sodium these days, so it seems I'm always on the lookout for different ways to flavor.

    1. OMGosh Elaine! Only you would fully understand my tamale saga LOL! I've tried the Real Hacienda in Owensboro (the one on 54) after being reassured that it was indeed authentic. They lied. It wasn't even close. Of course I got enchiladas and tamales. Well that's what I ORDERED anyway. It was unrecognizable compared to SoTx standards LOL! I'll have to try the steak quesadillas. You should definitely try the pork tenderloin. I didn't use low-sodium broth or soy of course but you could.

  12. Hi Sheila, I'm glad Bits 'n Bobs is back. Great to hear that Murphy and Twinks took the move in their stride. I love Twinks' photo above with her tongue sticking out as she sleeps. My dog sometimes does that as well and I always try and take a photo. Love that you post recipes as well. Hubby is the cook in the house so I'll pass them on to him. Take care :)


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