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Monday, January 11, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen: New and Improved - Paint Drip

Nothing to Disclose

The Digital Dozen
New & Improved

It's time for another Digital dozen week! This week, the prompt is New and Improved. Well goodness knows I need improvement! So We can either do a new-to-us technique or improve upon one we've done before.

So for my first mani, I've chosen a paint drip mani. I've done one before but honestly I'm not even sure it made it onto the blog. Yes, it wasn't great. Although, I do tend to show my fails, so it might have. Sometimes I just forget I have one I haven't shown you though.

I'm still not thrilled with this one, but if we do this prompt again next year maybe I'll try again!

I used a base of Salon Perfect Sugar Cube with acrylic paints for the rest. Rather cartoony, which makes it passable I think. It's certainly not what I'd call realistic.

So there day one in the books, bay-bee!

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  1. It's great! You managed to put so much detail in there. It even looks like it has shadows!

  2. I like it! It definitely looks cartoons like which is really cool.

  3. I like it! It definitely looks cartoons like which is really cool.

  4. I think these look great! Your drips have an almost 3D look to them, it's really cool!

  5. Looks awesome! I think we need to do this again; so many methods I haven't tried yet. I think I could do new and improved month!

  6. Paint drips are one of my easy downfalls as well, I can never get them to look 'real'. Gah but I think these came out fantastic! I much prefer the cartoony feel they have.


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