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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Top 15 of 2015: My Personal Favorites

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Top 15 of 2015
My Personal Favorites

It's that time of year! A look back at my top 15 favorite polishes of 2015. It was SO hard to narrow it down but I was determined. I mean really I could keep going until I got to 100. But since this is the year I moved 1300 miles away and basically quit blogging for a while to make that happen, I figured if there was ANY year I could narrow ruthlessly, it was this one.

While I loved so many, I decided to show you the ones I wear over and over. That's not easy, since I'm swatching and wear-testing so much, I rarely get the chance to wear things more than once. I will tell you that if A-England Sleeping Palace qualified for 2015, it would still be on the list as it is the one I wear a lot. Still. Forever.

Because I've been so busy with life and changes, I don't even remember if I had time to BUY mainstream brands, so these are all "indies."

So, the first 14, in no particular order...

a-England Let Me In


Paint Box Polish What Choo Fell Over For?


Pahlish Gingerbread Baker


Contrary Polish Exotic Eggplant


Literary Lacquers A Sensible Rabbit


Crowstoes Monstrous Moonshine


Darling Diva Moar Wine NAO!


KBShimmer Coal In One


Emerald & Ash Period Poops
(sorry I only managed to get a quick cell shot - I keep forgetting every time I wear it that I haven't photographed it yet!)


Girly Bits I AM Calm!


Different Dimension Dream On


KBShimmer Fig-Get About It


Darling Diva Are You Medusa?


Girly Bits Serendipity


And for my Favorite Polish of 2015...I thought long and hard about this and yes, I fought with myself. After all, "avoiding all semblance of wrongdoing" is always on my mind. I always want to be truthful with my readers and that doesn't just mean honest in my reviews. So when my favorite polish ended up being by a brand I WORK FOR, I had a dilemma. What will it look like if I pick a CbL? Then I decided that my readers are smart. They know I'm always honest and that I have integrity or they wouldn't be reading, right? Otherwise I wouldn't be able to review CbL honestly and tell you when there are issues or stainers etc. Since I can do that, I figured I can be honest about my favorite polish of 2015. CbL will be surprised!

Colors by Llarowe 'Shroom with a View

I mean the color? And the type of "metalure" subtle holo? No one will have any trouble believing it's my FAVORITE!

So there ya go - my 15 top favorite polishes of 2015!

What do you think? Do you have any of these?

What is your top favorite "you-just-can't-stop-wearing" polish of 2015?


*some of these were purchased by me and some were sent for review. I work for Llarowe, maker of CbL
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  1. Oohhh so many gorgeous choices! Lots of purples and lots of holos...perfect! <3 <3 <3

  2. Lovely polishes...some of the names...oof...

  3. Oh these are all so gorgeous, love seeing all the purples. But that Girly Bits I AM Calm!? Oh my, I really need to have that STAT!

  4. So many beauties! I have two of them and I think that Darling Diva Are You Medusa easy could make it in to my top 15 this year too.

  5. All drool-worthy polishes!! I do love that 'Shroom - what a gorgeous and unique color!!

  6. All of them gorgoeus. Honestly, Let Me In is kind of my favourite, plus, LOVE that name. :)


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