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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BOW Polish by Dance Legend: Thermo Top Coat

*Nothing to Disclose

BOW Polish Thermo Top Coat

Tonight I have a really quick and dirty review of the BOW Polish by Dance Legend Thermo Top Coat. And when I say dirty, I mean that I swatched it over my really old, worn mani I've been wearing for a week.

So I heard about this thermal top coat that you could put over any polish to make it thermal! Like a black to clear. I was excited and ordered it directly from Dance Legend in Russia immediately. It takes about 3 weeks but I've never had any trouble ordering from there at all and I've done it several times.

I'm wearing Chanel Lotus Rouge. I have tip wear and I haven't even re-top coated to freshen it up so for that I apologize. I put one coat over my accent nail and this is what happened...

Black is the cold version.

And when my hands warmed up...

So it's not exactly a clear to black thermal as you can see. It does alter the polish color and it's full of holographic particles.

I was disappointed at first since I really thought it was clear with "fairy dust like" holo. But I really did like the color it turned Lotus Rouge and the thermal works really well. My nail changes all the time going from inside to outside.

As long as you know it will be a muted version of the color you layer it over, I think you'll be very happy with it! If you expect it to be a clear holo top coat when warm, you will be a bit disappointed.

I paid $10 plus shipping. I ordered several things and total shipping was $10.

Link: Dance Legend Thermo Top Coat


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  1. I love those holo flakies! I would have liked it better had the warm color not been so different, but it is still really cool!


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