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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Contrary Polish: Coloring Outside the Lines Collection - Swatches and Review

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

Hi everyone! Today I have a new collection from Contrary Polish to show you called the Coloring Outside the Lines Collection! This seems very timely indeed with all the adult coloring that's catching on like wildfire for stress relief. Yes I do it, too.

Contrary Polish
Coloring Outside the Lines Collection

So meet me after the jump and I'll show you these 6 new shades!

So there are 6. Some I have more photos of than others because the sun is a fickle star and the clock isn't always my friend. I still feel like I have a good set of photos so you can tell what these really look like.  The flakes and shimmers are outstanding.

These were inspired by crayon shades and all had basically the same formula. They are all between a creme and a crelly - sheer enough to let the flakes shine but settle in nicely at the same time. I didn't have any issues at all to report with any of them. Smooth and easy formula. I used 3 light coats of all of them except Extreme Outer Space, which was 2 coats. One coat of top coat for all.

I feel like doing them in order of my favorites today. Because I can.

Magical Manatee - This one is a grey with strong lavender undertones and color-shifting shimmer and micro-flakes that shift from green to teal to purple.


Perplexing Plum - This one is a pink-leaning violet orchid purple with color-shifting shimmer and micro-flakes that shift from green to teal to purple.


Exotic Eggplant - This one is a deep aubergine with cobalt blue shimmer and micro-flakes.

Even the wasps wanted to know what this was! Hazard pay? Yeah I didn't think so.


Modern Maroon - This one is a ruby red with color-shifting shimmer and micro-flakes that shift from red to orange to gold to green. Because of the red base, the color-shifts aren't as apparent and translate mostly as an intense glowy red sparkle. SO glowy.


Extreme Outer Space - This one is a greyed out navy blue base that reads (with my skin tone and the colors in the flakes and shimmers) as a deep green-leaning teal. There are loads of multi-colored micro-flakes and shimmers.


Demented Denim - This one is a royal blue with color-shifting shimmers and micro-flakes that shift from orangey-gold to green to blue-green.


What do you think? You've seen mine already since I put them in order, but what are your favorites? All of them are just so perfect for the season and yet wearable all year long, at least for me.

This collection will be launching at MIDNIGHT Central time on November 2, 2015. (So basically like Nov. 1 if you haven't gone to bed yet lol!) in the Contrary Polish Shop here. The full-sized bottles will retail for $10 and the minis for $5 and there will be a discount for buying the entire collection. Please keep an eye on her Facebook page for more details, including US stockists information.

You can also follow Contrary Polish on social media for more swatches and information in the links below.

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*Products sent to me by Contrary Polish for my honest opinion
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