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Monday, October 26, 2015

KBShimmer Winter 2015 Collection - Swatches and Review

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KBShimmer Winter 2015 Collection

Today I have the much anticipated KBShimmer Winter Collection to show you! There are 14 new polishes, one is the yearly Toys for Tots charity polish, and 8 new Holiday Water Slide Decals. And you guys already know I usually provide lots of photos anyway, so this is a long post - consider yourself warned!

In addition to those 14 new polishes, I also have 4 of the 8 new watersides to show you...

So meet me after the jump and we will dive right in!

In an effort to be semi-concise, I'm inserting KBShimmer's descriptions here and then as I show you each polish, I'll give my thoughts and experiences and details about number of coats, formula and such. I tried to get photos of all of them in artificial lighting, full sun and shade where possible.


Fleece Navidad - this is a soft, silvery grey with holo and tiny little blue and pink micro flakes. I can't tell if the blue ones shift to pink or if it has both colors. You can have a look at the macro shots. The artificial lighting one shows blue and the shade one shows pink. The formula was creamy and smooth. Two coats and one coat of top coat.


Smoke Signal -  This is a creamy light grey with grey/silver, orange, red and aqua glitters in varying sizes. They suspend nicely in the base and settle in perfectly. Three light coats and one coat of top coat.


Owl Miss You - this is a neutral to cool leaning beige with gold, copper and a sprinkling of blue/aqua shimmer and micro-flakes. Three light coats and one coat of top coat.


Chilly Pepper - This is a true cool-toned red cream/crelly. The perfect "Christmas red." I did have to use 3 coats of this one and you can still see some nail line, but I have very a prominent free edge. So on this one my experience was different than the maker description. The formula was smooth and easy. Three coats and one coat of top coat.


Yule Worthy - this one is quite difficult for me to describe. It's full of metallic flakes but is the base brown? Eggplant? Burgundy? Check out the matte macro at the end! It's one of my favorites in the collection. Easy application. Two coats and one coat of top coat.


How Corn-y -  this one is a creamy muted yellow/chamois base with red, yellow, green, orange, purple and periwinkle metallic glitters in varying shapes and sizes. This is the one I expected to hate because these colors usually hate me. I'm not sure what makes it not suck on me really...the base being cooler in tone than I thought? The metallic glitters offsetting it? It's still not the best shade on me, but you can definitely see the "indian corn" inspiration! Three light coats and one coat of top coat.


sELFie - This can be worn alone in 3 coats or as a topper in one coat over a base color. I have it both ways for you. I'm thinking it will look very "holiday" over Chilly Pepper but in order that you could see everything that is in it, I chose to show it over a green that's not in it already for contrast. No issues to report.

Over KBShimmer Honeydew List - one coat with one coat of top coat...

Alone with 3 coats and 2 coats of top coat...


Kind of a Big Dill - This one is a deep, rich green jelly base full of sparkly holo glitters. And in the sun it's REALLY green and sparkly. Three coats with one coat of top coat.


Oh Holo Night - this is a clear-based glitter topper full of silver and blue glitters, including mini-stars and it looks like a decent sprinkling of holo dust. I'm wearing it over KBShimmer Chilly Pepper for contrast. One coat with one coat of top coat.


Claws & Effect - this is a navy blue holo that leans just a bit to the purple side. It also has pink micro flakes which I didn't get a good shot of but you can see them a bit in the macro shot. Two coats and one coat of top coat.


Brrr-tiful Dreamer - This one is a creamy smoky grey/purple with aqua, purple, fuchsia and silver glitters. That base color is one of my favorites. No issues at all. Two coats and one coat of top coat.


Coal in One - This one is a charcoal grey with a strong linear holo - teal inner arc and copper outer arc. No issues at all. Smooth and creamy. Two coats and one coat of top coat.


For Fox Sake - This is another of those hard to describe shades. It's like a lighter version of terra cotta. I actually have a lot of oranges, reds, and even terra cotta polishes and this one is totally unique in my collection. And it's a perfect 2 coat, self-leveling cream. Two coats and one coat of top coat.

And the name AND color match the Foxy Water Slides!


Toying Around - Toys for Tots charity polish. I can't possibly do better than the maker at describing this one. KBShimmer describes is as "...a toy inspired polish, filled with a rainbow of colorful matte glitters in stars, squares, circles, triangles and hexes. A bit of micro sparkle adds the perfect touch to this glitter topper. When imagining Santa’s workshop, it’s hard to not think about an explosion of colorful toy parts and wrapping paper and that is exactly what Toying Around looks like!

$4 from each bottle of this charity polish will go toward the Terre Haute Toys for Tots charity. This is the 4th Annual edition for the charity polish and last year they raised a whopping $3,000 to donate! Let's keep it going! 

I'm showing it over two different manis to give you the best idea of what it looks like. 

Over a combination of light grey (Zoya Dove) and plain black and white on ring finger...

Over KBShimmer Claws & Effect...


I didn't have time for much nail art but I did play around a bit! As you know, although I have been practicing, stamping isn't my forte but I did want to show that these do stamp.

This is is Fleece Navidad with Claws & Effect.

And a step further, with Chilly Pepper...

This is a quick spray marble. Coal in One with Chilly Pepper on top...


And I also did 4 of the 8 new Holiday Water Slide Decals!

SnowFlakes Navy Blue Water Slide Decals - Over plain white base...


Foxy Winter Water Slide Decals - Over a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff. White works fine but I chose that one because it does match perfectly if I make any mistakes.


Christmas Red Green Mittens & Ornaments Water Slide Decals - over a plain white base...


Christmas Red Green Plaid Santa Water Slide Decals - over a plain white base...


See, that didn't take too long! What do you think? Tell me your favorites and whether you've tried any of the water slides yet.

My favorites are Brrr-tiful Dreamer, Coal in One, Owl Miss You and Yule Worthy.

The KBShimmer Winter Collection, including the Toys for Tots polish and the 8 new Holiday Water Slide Decals, will be available starting on November 2nd, 2015 so be sure to mark your calendars! You can purchase KBShimmer polishes on their site here, at Harlow & Company and on Amazon.

Starting 11/02/15, all orders over $75 will receive a KBShimmer Cosmetic Bag in pink. 
Each bag will include a full sized bottle of Clearly On Top, a KBShimmer emery board, a .75 oz Mani Shot, Lotion Sample, holiday glitter mix, a KBShimmer Magnet, Scrub Sample and Soap Sample (scents will vary). 

Offer Good While Supplies Last.

Other KBShimmer sites:


*products provided to me by KBShimmer for my honest opinion
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  1. Great swatches. Very picture heavy post thou..

    1. I rather enjoyed the picture heavy post - because the pictures are gorgeous! Erm, duh!

  2. Beautiful swatches! I didn't mind the picture heavy post at all ! I loved it! It was so kind of you to really the time and show us all different lights + all the different variations for the glitter toppers and water slides. They are all so super cute! I love this collection as usual Christy does not disappoint. She's amazing. It's going to be so hard for me to decide what to buy! lol

  3. very beautiful collection))
    Thank you for the informative swatches!

  4. Just recovering from buying all the Fall polishes! But looks like I will be getting several of these. Owl Miss You, Chilly Pepper, Kind Of A Big Dill, sELFie, Fleece Navidad. Ugh, too many! Wish makers would go back to smaller-sized collections!

  5. Wonderful photos! Love seeing the polishes in a variety of lighting like you did. I love Brr-tiful Dreamer, Smoke Signals and sELFie(especially now that I've seen your swatch done to full coverage and not only as a glitter topper). Nice job!

  6. Fabulous post! I love looking at all those pictures!! I just went back to check my favs so I could list them but there are TOO MANY!! LOL

  7. Hi, I usually stalk your blog. I love the way you take pictures in all lights and possible angles.


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