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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Food: Yeah, Toast! And a Diner Hop


Welcome to the grand finale of Food Week here at the Digital Dozen. We had an idea do do something a little off the rails today for our big finish. So, Welcome to the Digital Dozen Diner. Please look through our menu and check out what our chefs have in store for you today!

As you can see, all our chefs have their own diner food specialty cooked up for today. Mine is toast. I did love toast. Until I had to try to put toast on my nails. I may or may not have called toast a few names since then. Toast.

YEAH, Toast!

I used a base of Faby Violet Cookies (purchased by me) and acrylic paints for the rest.

I hope you enjoyed your meal and remember to tip your waitress. Don't forget to follow the InLinkz below if you are still hungry and check out what the rest of our kitchen staff has cooked up.


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  1. I think these are just fantastic! Your toast is so adorable and I love the little stick of butter!!

  2. We've long been fans of Haywood Banks, but when I played that clip, it was the first time I realized he was beating on a toaster!


    Great toast nails, not as easy as it might seem at first!


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