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Thursday, August 6, 2015

JORD Wood Watch Review and Nail Art

Purchased by me and Press Sample

JORD Wood Watch

Hi guys!

Tonight I have a different sort of review for you. From time to time, I review things I like and use that aren't nail polish - go figure! Scarves, purses, etc. This time it's a watch!

Catch me after the jump for photos and review.

I'd purchased a JORD wood watch before, so when I was asked to review another one, I agreed. I mean I already liked them enough to purchase one for myself so why not?

First I'll show you the one I got quite a while back. It's in a dark wood with a black face. This is the Ely Series and retails for $129.

The packaging was slightly different, but they're basically the same style, just in different shades of wood. The first one came in a cardboard box. It was a really nice box, but the new wood boxes are the bomb. Both were packaged with a little pillow.

I do have to admit I am quite late showing you the new one because I've been moving and in order to test it out, and to not ding up my more "delicate" watches - so it got a real wear test!

This is the new one. Light wood with a blonde face. It's the Ely Series and retails for $129.

Check out the clasp!

I adjusted the one I bought myself - link removal was so easy. They sized the last one for me to my wrist size and included the extra links in the box.

I've worn it off and on through the process of moving and it has stood up really well against all of the dinging and banging that goes with unpacking. No signs of wear yet at all.

If you would like to purchase this watch, you can head over to this specific watch at  JORD Watches here.

And of course you need a mani to go with it! I think this one will do quite nicely!

Wood Watch

I do quite like these watches because it allows me to wear the more popular, larger watches while not overpowering my wrist. And they can be dressed up or down to match your look. My wrists are quite small and it's pretty hard finding a watch with enough removable links. No problems with this one!

Can you see yourself wearing a wood watch? Which style is your favorite? You can check out all of their styles at the JORD Watch site here. They have men's, women's, unisex and in lots of styles and sizes.

I mean for real check this one out! It's the 746 Series and so cool-looking!


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