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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Foxy Paws Holo Dolly Collection - Put on Your Sunday Clothes and Happy Cuticles Treatment Oil

*These products are Cruelty Free 

I'm back with the remaining polish in the Foxy Paws Holo Dolly Collection, Put On Your Sunday Clothes, along with their Happy Cuticles Treatment Oil.

Foxy Paws and their sister brand Well Nails are Danish indie polish brands and are cruelty-free and 4-free.

This collection is called the Holo, Dolly! Collection and is made up of 7 linear holographic polishes inspired by the Broadway hit musical Hello, Dolly!


Put On Your Sunday Clothes is a bright green-based yellow linear holographic polish. This had the same great formula as the rest in the collection. No issues at all to report. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

As with the rest of the collection, no aqua base is needed and the holographic properties aren't affected by the top coat I did use after the photos to protect my mani - Poshe. I haven't tried it with other top coats.

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Foxy Paws Put On Your Sunday Clothes

Foxy Paws Put On Your Sunday Clothes

Foxy Paws Put On Your Sunday Clothes

Foxy Paws Put On Your Sunday Clothes

Foxy Paws Put On Your Sunday Clothes

Foxy Paws Put On Your Sunday Clothes


Happy Cuticles Treatment Oil - I used this starting from the first day I received the collection (which is saying something since I rarely remember cuticle stuff) so that I could give a proper opinion. First, they're all natural. The scent is very pleasing and light (I am sensitive to scents and a lot of them trigger my migraines) and it didn't cause me any issues at all. The scent is vanilla and lime.

As for how well it works, well...let me show you a collage of my photos of this collection so you can see and judge for yourself - how do my cuticles look?

Foxy Paws Holo Dolly! Collection

Please note that I didn't have to do any clean up with any of the seven holos in this collection. I use that as an indicator of how good the formula is - whether I need clean up or not. It rubs in well and doesn't leave your hands oily for very long at all.


So now you've seen the entire collection! Which are your favorites? I'm going with Elegance and Well Holo Dolly for mine. Elegance really took me by surprise!

If you missed the swatches and reviews of rest of the collection, click here and here and here. ♥

These are available for European AND International customers at: right now and retail for USD$13.86 each. Be sure and follow Foxy Paws' Facebook page for the latest news and information.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love so many in this collection! And the cuticle oil sounds amazing as well!

  2. Put on Your Sunday Clothes actually looks like a decent green!

  3. Stunning holos! They are all so pretty but I love this yellow/lime one! Beautiful swatches! :)


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