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Saturday, May 5, 2012

AquaDaisy Shazaam Wear Test

For full swatches and review of this amazing polish, click here!

Here's what she looked like on Day One

AquaDaisy Shazaam

Day Two - dishes, washing the car, etc...

AquaDaisy Shazaam

Day Three - More dishes, laundry, etc.

AquaDaisy Shazaam

You can see the tip wear is barely starting on the index and middle fingers.

Finally the last day - it would have lasted longer if not for swatching obilgations!

This is my RIGHT hand (I'm right-handed) and I had to tilt my nails for you to see the tip wear. From the top, it's not even noticeable yet.

AquaDaisy Shazaam - Wear Test

For review and ordering details, see original post linked above.

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  1. Wow!!! That's awesome! I very rarely get that kind of wear out of ANY polish!

  2. Uff I think I really need it but now it's not available :-(
    Just look what you have done!! Finding such perfect polishes and taking such appetizing photos..... *sigh*


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