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Friday, February 19, 2016

Colors by Llarowe: Krispy Kreme Dreams Collection - Swatches and Review

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Colors by Llarowe
Krispy Kreme Dreams Collection

First, I must explain how this collection came about. Indie makers are, well...creative people to say the least LOL! And they always have a lot of polish testing that they can pull from for a guest spot in a box etc. Or, you know, when they have weird food-induced dreams. If you aren't "friends" with Leah Ann on Facebook, it's possible you missed what prompted this collection, which is a shame. She has weirder dreams than I do and that is saying something. (Shut Up, Ashley!)

This is what she posted out of the blue one day...

So she pulled polishes that somehow in her head translated to her dream. And this is the result! (Note to self: Eat more Krispy Kreme!)

I'm short on time so we will just get right to it. And I'll make it short and sweet.

High School Was Rough, Man - this one is a scattered holo sea green/teal. I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat with no issues to report.


Bananas and Krispy Kremes are Better Than HBO - this one is a neon lime green with a subtle holo. It dries to that "neon matte" so you will need a top coat if you're not a fan of mattes. I love it that way myself. This is 2 coats and no top coat. The first coat goes on patchy so let it dry and then "float" a medium 2nd coat on and it gives a perfect result.


Giant Giraffes in My Yard - this one is a deep grape purple scattered holo jelly/crelly with tons of pink shimmer that looks to shift to copper to me.  the shimmer gives is a violet red-purple appearance in the sun when it's out in all its glory. I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat for the photos. No issues to report.


Amoebas Contain Tiny Spacemen - This one is bright blue with a loose linear holo with tons of blue shimmer and green iridescent flakes. This can be a one-coater but I've used 2 coats with one coat of top coat. No issues.


Caviar Wishes and Keanu Reeves Dreams - This one is making me pull my hair out! As a blogger I hate it, but as a lover of polish, it's my favorite color and I love it. It's impossible to photograph and I don't know photoshop to fix it. The first photo is color accurate. The rest are the best I was able to do. It's a stunning orchid red-violet purple linear holo.

It's correct in the bottle above and bluer on the nail. What EVEN? GAH!

Beverly at Nailed the Polish has great swatches of it on her blog.


And finally, my "namesake" I guess LOL! Yes, I had to google image Ben Affleck to make sure I was picturing the right one. I asked her why she couldn't have dreamed of David Tennant or Nathan Fillian or Sean Connery or Craig Ferguson. Oh well!

Ben Affleck is Sheila's Homeboy - this one is a bright cherry red with a strong holo and lots of shimmer that give it that lit-from-within look. The shimmer must be pink maybe? Because in certain lighting it turns to a lovely raspberry red. This is also a one-coater but I've used 2 coats and one coat of top coat. No issues at all.


And they stamp! This is Bananas and Krispy Kremes are Better than HBO with Caviar Wishes and Keanu Reeves Dreams.


Thoughts? Favorites? My favorite is Giant Giraffes in My Yard followed by Caviar Wishes and Keanu Reeves Dreams.

These will be launching for pre-order at Llarowe starting February 20th from 12 PM noon to 8 PM (MST) and they will be available in the UK at Rainbow Connection. Please check with other stockists such as Harlow & Co.  for availability/launch dates.

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  1. I'm astonished, Sheila! These nail polishes are amazing, I love the inspiration where they came from, this woman is really creative! My favorite was Caviar Wishes and Keanu Reeves Dreams, although it's difficult to photograph! Love them!

    Esmaltes da Pri


  2. The story behind this collection got me immediately in stitches as soon as I've read it! I only wish we had doughnuts here to give it a go myself :D
    By the way, I knew this was going to be a knockout to me: I want them all!
    Would you mind doing bad swatches from now on, so that my wishlist isn't to grow longer any time I open your blog, please? XD


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