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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crowstoes: My Homicidal Valentine Trio - Swatches and Review

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

When Crow first asked me to swatch her "Valentine" collection, I was of two minds. YAY because CrowsToes and BOO because UGH Valentine's Day. Pink isn't my best color. Nor is it my favorite. And Valentine's Day certainly isn't my favorite "holiday" - especially now it's just me and the dogs.

But check this out!

CrowsToes Nail Color
My Homicidal Valentine Trio

So yeah, basically the Anti-Valentine. I knew I could count on Madame Crow!

Darkhearted - This one is a blackened charcoal plummy color with a strong holo whose arc shines bright blue. It's very difficult to describe and photograph. You see it in the bottle and can't imagine what magic appears on the nail. And when you get it in the sun (which is hiding from me) or under strong light the blue arc really pops. But the subtle plummy charcoal in the blackened base is what won my heart. Two coats and one coat of top coat. Perfect, easy application.


DRT - This one is also hard to describe and photograph. Crow has a way of making a blogger feel inadequate for sure. It's a shifty shifter.  It's mainly purple and copper and you can (with the naked eye) catch glimpses of gold and green shifts as well. And flakes! Two coats and one coat of top coat. No issues to report.

Apologies for the blur in the photo below, but I wanted to show the shift as best I could catch it, not being a photographer like AT ALL.


Soulless - This one is a blue crelly glitter that can be worn alone in 3 coats or layered over a base color. I'm showing it alone in 3 coats here with one coat of glitter top coat. It's full of, well I couldn't possibly begin to tell you really. Lots of different sizes and shades of blue glitters and a ton of holo sparkle. I can't wait to see this one in the sun. Even in the shade the holo is strong.


What'd I tell ya? Total anti-valentine awesome. What do you think? Favorite? It's a hard one but I'm going with Darkhearted.

My Homicidal Valentine Trio polishes will be available at her Big Cartel Shop here starting Sunday, February 7th at 10 am EST (9 CST) and each polish retails for $12.

Stay tuned to the Crowstoes Facebook page for more swatches and more details.


*Products sent to me by Crowstoes for my honest opinion
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  1. Love all your photos! Darkhearted is also my favorite but Soulless looks incredible on you!

  2. I NEED Soulless in my life. It's just so... 3D. It's like I can look INTO IT.

    Don't like pink either. So glad you're sharing these instead.
    And I think you need to replace the first graphic - Homocidal. It's funny, but it's not. ;) (it's just a spelling mistake, but still :))

    1. OMGosh I did replace it when I discovered it - is it still showing with the typo for you?

  3. I'm in love with the first and last one.


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