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Monday, September 7, 2015

KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection + Water Slide Decals - Swatches and Review

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

Happy Labor Day! Today I have the KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection swatches and review for you, along with some nail art and some water slide decals from her shop.

It's gonna be a long one so top off your coffee and settle in! Meet me after the jump...

The KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection consists of 12 new shades ranging from a glow-in-the-dark all the way to some great cremes, with holos, glitters, glass fleck and shimmers in between.

But I'm going to start with the water slide decals! I really dislike stickers and wraps. Mainly because I'm rubbish at using them. I'm so bad that I can usually do nail art by hand faster. But water slides are totally different. I first tried something similar several years ago and I had to google how they worked LOL! But since then it's pretty much the only thing I can do besides hand-painting.

Silver Swirls Water Slide Decals - I just did an accent with this one over Soul Deep, which I'll show you in a bit. I'm saving the rest for a New Years Eve mani and more accent nails around the holidays!

Cut out the portion you want to use, dip 'em in water for 10 seconds and then slide it off of the backing with your finger and place it how you want it. There's plenty of time to get it arranged just how you want it, too because, well, they're not stickers! And they're super thin so it doesn't feel like there's anything but polish on your nail. Then top coat and BAM!

Blue Floral Water Slide Decals - Over KBShimmer Eyes White Open

Aqua Blue and Purple Floral Water Slide Decals - Over KBShimmer Eyes White Open

And finally, my favorite!

Floral Water Slide Decals - Over KBShimmer Eyes White Open. I think these were my favorite because they don't have to be a "full nail" design. You can pick and choose how much and what you want on each nail. And I chose my spots just so I had no trimming after - around the tips or cuticle areas. I'm still not great at that part LOL!



I wore the heck out of this one and got so many compliments!

Okay, let's get on with the new Fall 2015 Collection!

I'll just go alphabetically so we'll start with Be Scareful. This one is a glow-in-the-dark white crelly glitter. I'll admit I had to swatch this one twice because I'm a doof and didn't realize it was a glow-in-the-dark. And I still didn't get a great shot of the GITD part. You will see stars in one swatch and not in the other. Actually I'm glad I had to reswatch because I didn't get a star the first time and the second time I got several. I didn't have to fish for glitters either time, I just used what came out on the brush. No issues with formula or application. Three light coats and one coat of top coat.


Breaking Blues - this one is a periwinkle blue creme with lavender/purple undertones. It reads more blue in cooler lighting and shade and more purple in warmer lighting and true sunlight. Perfect formula, smooth and easy. Two coats with one coat of top coat.


Carpe Denim - this one is a deep navy blue jelly/crelly with holo shimmer and glitter smattered throughout. Smooth and easy application. Two coats with one coat of top coat. The glitters all spread nicely and settle in the base perfectly.


Dark and Twisty - this one is a black crelly base loaded with small metallic glitters in all colors of the rainbow. Same formula as Carpe Denim. I used two coats with one coat of top coat. Depending on how heavy-handed you are, you may need 3 light coats.


Fig-Get About It - this one is a purple linear holo with a violet and golden holo arc and it reminds me of, well, figs! Or raisins. Perfect smooth formula and application - 2 coats with one coat of top coat.

And check out the golden shimmer/sheen bursting forth in the direct sunlight!


I Feel Gourd-geous - this one is a blingy, sparkly gold holo and photos just don't do it justice as far as capturing the bling-factor. Full coverage in 3 light coats and one coat of top coat. This one doesn't "feel" glittery at all to the touch - it's very smooth.


I've Seen Sweater Days - this one is an aqua crelly glitter with metallic glitters in shades of blue, green and silver along with holo glitters. I used 3 light coats and one coat of top coat. No issues at all. Smooth and easy application and the glitters all settle in nicely.


Open Toad Shoes - this one is an olive green crelly glitter with what looks to be yellow/gold, magenta and a few shades of blue metallic glitter and what really makes it for me, violet/purple glitters! Also, I think I see a sprinkling of holo micro-glitter. Same smooth and easy formula as the other crelly glitters in the collection. Three light coats with one coat of top coat.


Soul Deep - this one is a deep blue-purple creme. Perfection in 2 coats with one coat of top coat.


Such a Vlad-Ass - this one is a deep and sultry berry-red creme. Two coats and one coat of top coat. Smooth and easy and no issues at all.


Talk Qwerty to Me - this one is a teal jelly base with loads of glass fleck. It's stunning and very eye-catching in real life. I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat and it looked fantastic, but after seeing the photos I'd probably do 3 thin coats next time. No issues at all to report.


Teal It To My Heart - this one is a medium-toned teal creme. Same great formula as the other cremes in this collection. No issues at all. Smooth and easy. I used 2 coats with one coat of top coat.


And finally, I also received a mani shot to try out. I chose the Citrus Blast Mani Shot because I'm sensitive to a lot of scents and I generally have no trouble with anything fruity or citrusy. I chose wisely! This one smells wonderful. It feels oily when you're using it but once you're done it rubs right in and doesn't leave that greasy feeling.  And they're only $1.95. Some of the other scents sound good, so I may pick up a few and just see if I can handle them. If not, it's only $1.95 and I know there's at least one that doesn't give me a headache. Oh and a bonus for me is that there's nothing floating in it when I'm done, like petals or twigs. I get the idea of that in theory and it's cute, but I have to strain it before I dump it afterwards and I'm pretty lazy. LOL!


And I'll leave you with a quick and easy mani I did to wear after I was done swatching - glitter gradient using I Feel Gourd-geous over Teal It To My Heart with an accent of Breaking Blues.

Well that's all of them! What do you think? Favorites? There are countless nail art combos you could do with this collection but I was so enthralled with the Floral Water Slide Decals I haven't gotten around to much since then! My favorites are Breaking Blues, Open Toad Shoes and Fig-Get About It.

The Mani Shots and Water Slide Decals are available right now -  and be sure to mark your calendars for September 15th when the Fall 2015 Collection launches. You can purchase KBShimmer polishes on their site here, at Harlow & Company and on Amazon.

Other KBShimmer sites:


*Products sent to me by KBShimmer for my honest review
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  1. I just love KBS!!! Always have to buy some, at least - LOL! You did a beautiful job with these and, I, too, must get that last waterslide! What a beautiful floral. I also have to try a bomb. They sound very moisturizing.

    1. She really does perfect cremes and the only cruelly glitter formula that I don't have issues applying properly. And you MUST get the floral water slides. They're amazing. Thanks for your comment!

  2. wow quelle superbe collection, j'adore carpe denim et Dark and Twisty en particulier ♥

  3. I definitely need Carpe Denim, You're Such a Vlad-Ass and Fig-get About It! Gorgeous photos!

  4. Wah... So pretty! Totally lemming for Vlad. Thanks for posting these.

  5. The water slide decals are very fun-- I especially like the second and last designs! Furthermore, this whole fall collection is awesome and I want alllll the polishes from it.

  6. I really love this whole collection but Open Toad Shoes is my absolute favorite. And the water decals look amazing.

  7. Love the teal cream and the teal glitter. *sigh* Can't wait to get these! ^_^

  8. OMGerd!! I've never SEEN water decals before!! Those things are AMAZING LOOKING! OMG. It's so cool! I want them all!! Thanks for showing them off so I know what awesomeness I'm missing out on! =D


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