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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Pattern on Pattern: Day 5 Diagonal Floral Stamping and the "Rest"

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Day 5 of Digit-al Dozen Week!! The theme for this month is Pattern on Pattern. So for the final day I did a diagonal stamping mani. And of course it's also the day I show you what didn't make the cut. In this case, there's one that didn't make the cut and one I was too dumb to use for the prompt because it was perfect!

The Digit-al Dozen Pattern on Pattern

For this mani I did a diagonal using Nails Inc. Belgrave Place (purchased by me) and Zoya Eden (swatches here - sent for review).  Then I used DRK-A plate for the flowers, using the same colors in reverse. Finally, I finished up with a coat of Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat (purchased by me).

And the fail...

I used Zoya Taylor and Barry M 293 Grey and a sponge to make the mottled effect and did freehand criss-cross lines (like you'd do for an Argyle Mani) - with a coat of Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat. I think it just didn't seem "finished" and I'd lost my mojo lol!

And this is the one I posted without thinking it would be perfect for the theme!

Check out the details in my post here.

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to check the links below to see what creations the other lovelies in The Digit-al Dozen have for you - and we'll see you next month!

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  1. I love the one you used and the one you posted for the other post, lol - you got 6 in this week I guess!

  2. Wow you lined up that reverse stamping perfectly! I like all three here.

  3. Awe I love all of them! Great week!

  4. Ooooh the swirlies! I love that one!!

  5. The swirlies are so cool! The others are great too but swirlies are my fave!

  6. I love them all! And the finish on the first one reminds me of one of those velvety posters. I want to rub it and see if it feels soft! Hahaha!

  7. Your flowers are so cute!! And that decal manicure would have been're right! Great job this week :)

  8. Lovely manicures! I think your last manicure is my favorite!

  9. Oh I love your final design! Looks beautiful.

  10. Ok, the fact that you create more manis than needed.......grrrr. But I love them all! And that last one screams look at me (but totally in a good way!)

  11. Oh my, just found a whole set of DD I missed! Arg! Love all three, but the first was my fave


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