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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's In My Bag

I've been asked so many times for What's In Your Bag posts and I've done a half-hearted one in with a bag review and maybe one more a long time ago with just one quick photo but never a real honest-to-goodness one showing everything in my bag. And I probably wouldn't have if a few blogger friends of mine hadn't suggested several of us doing one. So...for what it's worth for anyone who cares what's in there, here ya go!

First, this is the bag I'm carrying today. It's my all-time favorite bag - Hermès Evelyne PM (or MM now I can't even remember) Chartreuse Clemence with PWH.  But what's in my bag rarely changes because I just transfer all my SLGs (Small Leather Goods) from one bag to another as the mood or occasion dictates. Some days they're all in Hermès and some days they're in a canvas bag I hand-painted myself.

And you've gotten me on a good day - there are no broken Milkbones floating around in there - or doggie clean up bags. <grin>

And the contents...

Karo GM Quetsche Chevre - by Hermès

Moleskine notepad, Hermès Post-It-Note holder,
hand lotion, nail file and mirror

Karo PM in Vert Anis Chevre - by Hermès

Yes, that's a lil sonic screwdriver! Keys, keys and more keys


Rose Shocking Chevre Piccolo by Hermès

Pens, spare lip stick and liner (which I need to toss
because I don't use a liner anymore)


Envelope pouch by Tusk...

Receipts, passport, spare check and mad money


Silicone pouch - cheapie from Walmart...

Colgate Wisp, my old-age reading glasses, lipstick, mints
Excedrin/Advil and Glasses Wipes


Wallet in Ultra Violet by Coach...


Business cards case by Baekgaard...


Sunglasses in a hand-painted pouch I did...


Of course my phone!


Here's what's on my bag...a lovely birthday gift from one of the sweetest ladies ever: Hermes Barenia Horse Hair Tassel


And she's stuffed!


What's in YOUR bag? Post pics on my Facebook page because turnabout is fair play!

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  1. I love your bag and I love posts like this! The lil Sonic Screwdriver is AWESOME.

  2. You are VERY organized. I'm not anywhere near that organized hahaha

    1. I'm really NOT organized in most things - and the bag only is because I love SLGs and because I'm lazy and impatient and if I want to change bags, it takes less than 15 seconds hahaha!

  3. Your bag is gorgeous and you are uber organized! I need to take some tips from you!

  4. LOVE the bag -- gorgeous. And I love all the bags in the bag. Keeps stuff from being a mishmash of, well, stuff <3

  5. This is fun! I like your purse. Cute.

  6. Fun post! You don't want to see the inside of my bag...

  7. You're so organized, I'm jealous!

  8. That purse is gorgeous! I like these posts, keep 'em coming!


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