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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Favorite Purse Under $100 and What's In My Bag

Personal Collection 

Anyone who knows me knows that I probably love purses/handbags more than nail polish - from really expensive ones to those budget-friendly ones that everyone loves. I've jokingly said I'm a "Purse Snob" but I'm really not. I love them all and the label isn't what matters. What matters to me is how the bag fits into my everyday style, fits my daily needs and budget. Whether it appeals to me. How well it's made.

I've held off doing more of these because honestly the obligatory "modeling shots" scare the beejeebers out of me. I'm not photogenic. At all. So I've compromised and cropped out my face. LOL!

But first, the What's In My Bag posts seem to be popular and I don't know how often I'll be doing this because I'm not sure who really cares what's in my bag, but I'm a huge fan of SLGs (Small Leather Goods) so I'll show you mine. I prefer keeping everything in SLGs as opposed to having it all banging around loose or shoved in those cheesy, flimsy "handbag organizers." They make it easy to change bags and let's face it, I change bags as often as I change nail polish. Well that and they're pretty.

Here are some of my SLGs...


I've done a few "purse posts" in the past, but today I thought I'd show you my favorite purse under $100.00:  The Sak Kendra Crossbody.

Initially I grabbed one in navy blue because I needed a smaller blue bag THAT DAY and it was under $100 so why not? Well, I found myself using it a LOT. Reaching for it over some of my expensive bags <shock> for everyday. Wishing I had it in every color. I ended up getting the cream/tan for summer.

The Sak Kendra Crossbody

The strap isn't leather, like the rest of the bag and "grabs" onto my shoulder perfectly and doesn't slide off. I found that I really loved that when I realized that one of the main reasons I loved my all-time favorite handbag, Hermès Evelyne so much. And it's adjustable.

The linings are sturdy and interesting. Roomy zipper pocket with leather pull on one side and two slide pockets with elastic on the other.

The zipper pull is leather and easy to find, grab and open without looking...

The strap is attached with rings through metal reinforced holes on either side so it doesn't get twisted or "caught."

Check out the stitching in the next few pics too. This bag is well put together.

One outter slide pocket on the back which is perfect for easy access to my iPhone...

One slightly gathered slide pocket on the front - I use it for mints, gum, breath freshener, receipts...anything I'm too lazy to put away properly or want quick access to.

And the obligatory "modeling shots" so you can see the size. Wearing it on the shoulder and crossbody. I mostly wear it on the shoulder, though.

And the stats:

  • exterior: leather, trim: polyurethane
  • interior: nylon
  • saddle multi, flame, resort multi and deep teal have silver tone hardware. all others have brass tone hardware
  • 11.25in l x 1.5in w x 10.75in h strap 10in -25in
  • zipper closure
  • front exterior pocket
  • back slit pocket
  • lining features two multi-use pockets and a zippered back wall pocket
  • clean with a water-based leather cleaner and moisturizer. use a protective spray to protect the leather surface

What do you think? What's your go-to bag for everyday?

The Sak Kendra Crossbody retails for between $69.00 and $99.00 and can be purchased at Dillards, Macys and online at The Sak website,, and Zappos.

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  1. I love bags too! This one isn't my style but I can see that organizationally it's pretty awesome. I did a purse post (although not as thorough as yours) sometime ago about the Susan Nichole Vegan Handbags. I've since bought another one and I need to post it. They are super cute and quality made.

  2. I love this post - we need more purse posts!!

  3. Love this post too! I need to get more purses. That is phase two of my wardrobe rebirth! and I love the crossbody. Looking for one for myself.

  4. Love this post and love this bag! I just got a Steve Madden crossbody bag from Nordstrom's half yearly sale. Still, might have to look at this one, haven't had a Sak purse in years. This one is sooo cute!


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