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Friday, April 1, 2011

Keeping it "Pointless."

I keep starting and then deleting blog entries about more "important" things.  I seemed to be torn as to whether I even wanted to get into anything of any substance in here.

And since this is not a post on "health care reform" I guess that means I've made my decision.  There are enough other places on-line I can get into a debate on such things.  And I do.  Sometimes I don't get into bed before 2 am because someone on the the internet is WRONG.

xkcd /Randall Munroe

But I decided that I created this blog to keep me sane in lieu of painting, since I've packed up all of my art supplies and put them in storage for an anticipated move.  A move that is taking FOREVER!

So that's what it will stay.  And I may keep it around to post some of my paintings once I get moved and unpacked.  Heck, I may even learn how to sell my paintings instead of giving them away!  I assume that would require a different kind of website though.

So much to learn about so many things and so little time!

Meanwhile, does anyone wanna buy a boat?

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  1. Ummmm you need to tell me more about this move you keep talking about. You can't be moving even farther away from me before I get to meet you. ;-)


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