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Friday, July 3, 2015

Top 5 Indies: The Browns

*Some of these polishes were Press Samples

Top 5 Indie Polishes: The Browns

It's meeeeeee! I will be back in the swing of things fully by July 18th (my fiber optics gets installed finally and I will actually be able to access the blog without sticking out my tongue, holding one arm up, closing one eye and hopping on one leg to make this super slow temporary WiFi work. And the only reason I could do this post is because I'm pulling swatch photos I'd already done. Making any cropping and watermarking photo program work on this WiFi is a joke. So, Warning: Varying Nail Lengths Ahead.

For now, I'm quite a sight as I attempt to show you my top 5 favorite brown indie polishes. I'm doing a link-up with several other bloggers and the prompt is "Top 5 Indies" - well you know me, I can't possibly pick FIVE indies. I tried doing 5 all-time favorites ever, 5 by one brand, 5 just released this year, nothing was narrowing my choices down to under 10. So I finally decided to pick my top 5 favorite browns - not all of them DO browns. There's really a serious shortage of brown polish all up in the nail world in my opinion so this will be easy. Ha. I was still only able to narrow it to 7. And that was hard.

I will leave the link to my original post for each one so you can check out availability and formula etc. if you want.

So meet me after the jump...

And, in no particular order, HERE THEY ARE!

6 Harts Polish Bat Crap Crazy. I mean even the NAME people!

See my original post here.


Elevation Polish Rose Cardamom Chocolate Truffle

See my original post here.


Girly Bits I Like Big Buns (calm down, it was for a Star Wars themed box - Princess Leia's HAIR!)

See my original post here.


Darling Diva You're Grounded! (Get it? Coffee grounds? Mmmm, coffee.)

See my original post here.


Colors by Llarowe Burnt Sugar

See my original post here.


And that makes five. But I just couldn't leave out these other two...

piCture pOlish Demeter

See my original post here.


Above the Curve Friday the 13th

See my original post here.


The only problem is, so many of those were customs or Exclusives or only available once a year. WHY are there not more brown polishes? I mean loving brown the way I do I've collected up quite a few, but it wasn't easy. Darling Diva You're Grounded was made just for me because she is AWESOME and she knows I love brown polish and she even made the name coffee-themed for me. But I really think that needs to be available to everyone (hint hint).

What do we want? MORE BROWN NAIL POLISH! When do we want it? NOW!

Please check out all the others great Top 5 Indie posts in the links below...and I will SEE YOU SOON!

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  1. Love all of these and own a good few of them! if only I had the Darling Diva my best browns would be complete I think! <3

  2. I have a squishy brown jelly from Aliquid Lacquer with gold flakes and glitter that is fabulous.

  3. Normally I don't gravitate towards browns but these are all stunning!

  4. This is true, not a lot of browns out there, great list! Good to see you and hope the Internet stuff gets sorted soon :)

  5. Brown does not get enough love in the polish world! Maybe people think it's boring or "safe," but I think it's so sexy and vampy.

  6. Brown is my least favorite color of polishes but that Darling Diva polish looks really nice.

  7. ow yeah ! I need, no I want MORE BROWN NAIL POLISH NOW!!! (please ?)
    They are awesome but we can't have theses polish beacause they are LE no ?
    I read all your post but my english is really poor so sorry if you already say thy are limited editions

  8. I Love brown polishes, too. Probably my favorite followed by purple. I just got a back up of Demeter.

  9. I just love the sparkle in all of these!!

  10. They all look very similar, but very pretty

  11. All of these are stunning, your post made me realize how much I truly love brown polish :D

  12. Testing testing! Lovely post and loved that first pic (not of the polish!)


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